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Single review

Connor Fyfe

Pray (Button Up)

Connor Fyfe’s latest single is quite the belter.

The Rotations

Boxes (Radar Station)

The Rotations have another timber-shivering track out today


J.D.M (Kingdumb)

British Hip Hop is improving all the time, and the genre is seeing exponential growth

Dot Allison

Long Exposure (SA Recordings)

Originally from Scotland but a longtime resident south of the border, Dot Allison has not released new music for a good few years now

Poster Paints

Number One (Olive Grove)

Carla J Easton has been very busy during lockdown

Be Charlotte

You Stole the Summer (Sony)

Dundee’s Be Charlotte latest single is a low-key breakup track


Movement Now (Upset The Rhythm)

This is the lead track from six-piece Glasgow-based Kaputt’s new seven inch


Scratching at the Lid (Bella Union)

“Shoegaze supergroup” Piroshka’s new single is a prelude to their second album

Jim McAteer

The Everything Thing / Monsieur Shambolique Meets Master Misery (Foxstar / Sonic Bull)

Glasgow-based Jim McAteer has been plying his trade for a good few years now

Stock Manager

Blank Canvas (stream)

Stock Manager have had quite a low profile until now but this Glasgow-based three-piece have a new single out and it is quite the thing.