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Pictish Trail

Dream Wall (Fire)

Eigg-based musical maverick and Lost Map label-boss Johnny Lynch, aka Pictish Trail, has a new a new EP due out in April

Steg G feat. Solareye

Enemy in the Mirror (Powercut Productions)

The second track from Steg G’s forthcoming album is a reflection on self-hate and the comedown after a hard night

Lemon Drink

Demon Child (Last Night From Glasgow)

Glasgow-based Lemon Drink were actually the last band that BM saw pre-lockdown

Thomas Atlas

Got This Feeling (Hillside Global)

‘Got This Feeling’ is the thrilling new funk release from Birmingham musician, Thomas Atlas.

A Maxwell

Tight (Close)

Scottish artist Aonghas Maxwell has released a couple of singles and this is his latest, from late 2020.


Notes and Dreams EP (Olive Grove)

Raveloe is the latest signing from the mighty Olive Grove Records, who have always had an ear for the next thing.

The Chills

Monolith (Fire)

The Chills have a long, long history

Locked Hands

Found Out (Errant Media)

Another leftover from late 2020, this is Edinburgh-based Locked Hands with another track, mixing hiphop beats and Gang-of-Four-esque guitar licks to produce a creepy but tuneful track

Cathal Coughlan

Owl in the Parlour (Dimple Discs)

Another month, another single from Cathal Coughlan’s much anticipated (ok, in certain quarters) first album in a decade. Hot on the heels of poptastic title track Song of Co-Aklan, comes ‘Owl In The Parlour’. The song is a swaggering cabaret number. Underpinned by a satisfyingly noisy rumbling groove. Old phone-book tonsils (ask your folks) is […]

Josiah Mortimer

This Town (self-released)

Josiah Mortimer is a man on a mission with his latest release, ‘This Town’.