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Oscar Merry

Cower (download)

Oscar Merry is a sole rocker who is a master of all trades.


Admission (calboa)

Hull solo rocker Calboa is flying high with a track which is ear medicine for anyone who seeks the more cheerful and upbeat records in modern indie.


Visions of Life (download)

Single number four from southside Glasgow synthpop combo Scaramanga is just as catchy as ‘Heal‘ and ‘Simple Love’

Studio Kind of Green

Making Light (Kind of Green)

This is a very fresh-sounding EP and BM cannot quite put her finger on any influences

Post Coal Prom Queen / Macaroom

Zou / Body of Water (Bandcamp)

Scotland’s L-space, currently operating under the PCPQ moniker, have never been shy to broaden their musical horizons

Young Knives

Swarm (Gadzook)

Young Knives – were they not recently mentioned in “Landfill Indie” dispatches


The Only Way Out is Through (My Big Sister)

Penfriend is the new(ish) moniker of Laura Kidd, (previously She Makes War)

Broken Chanter

Ambient 4: Another Green Whirl (Bandcamp)

This is another absolute gem from David MacGregor, aka Broken Chanter.

Julia Thomsen

Beauty Inside And Out (labelname)

I recently came across the new piece from the composer, Julia Thomsen. I am still wondering why I have not found her sooner


Shared Particles (Little Miss Echo)

BM does not know too much about this lot, but they were recommended and they sound pretty good…