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Single review

Cigarettes After Sex

Touch (Partisan)

From the beautifully formed second album, ‘Cry’, comes the newly released sultry single ‘Touch’.

Life Model

Saskia (Last Night From Glasgow)

This is Life Model’s first release on LNFG Records, out on 27th March…

Slime City

Less Jools More Top of the Pops (Last Night From Glasgow)

This track is in the best tradition of “kill the establishment”, and who in this world has not been pissed off

Locked Hands

Shadows Shadows (Errant Media)

Another track from the mighty Errant Media stable, this new track from Locked Hands pushes its electronic pulse


R.A.G.E. (Spotify)

This combo are from Linlithgow and they rock angrily.

Jamie Button

See the Cinema (self-released)

BM does not know a lot about Jamie Button but his latest single chunters along with a mid-pitched drawl of a vocal, plenty of electric and acoustic guitar.


Feel Like Myself Again (self-released)

This is the debut single from a five-piece band from sunny Falkirk.

Tupper Werewolf

Flavour Country EP (TW)

Glasgow-based Gordon Barr is behind this bizarre moniker, and this is his new EP.

Lisa Kowalski

No More Time (self-released)

Lisa Kowalski has been in and around the Scottish music scene for a wee while

Andrew Weatherall

Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound (Byrd Out Limited)

You have to ask yourself, as I did, would this music sound as sad, even outwith such circumstances?