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Single review

Fat Cops

Plan of Attack (Last Night From Glasgow)

Fat Cops have new single out, due later this month

Glitch Project

Bloom (Meatbeat)

Italian indie-pop duo Glitch Project radiate the speakers with their new delivery, ‘Bloom’.

Thomas Cole

Execute The Vision (TC)

Thomas Cole excites the pop scene with his new single – an instant party stomper


Glitter and the Glue / You Never Made It That Far (Dimple Discs)

This second single from Dublin’s Keeley (aka Keeley Moss) consists of two widely contrasting tracks

Callum Easter

What You Think? (Moshi Moshi)

East Lothian’s Callum Easter goes from strength to strength with this new single


Turn On the Big Machines (Glassmasterer Limited)

Scottish-based artist Glassmasterer has released music in a variety of genres but this latest track is a full-on rave monster

Angelica Mode

Don't Make Me Wait (AM)

Starting with an electronic vibe, this track gets the attention…

Becci Wallace

Swansong (BW)

The final single release from the West of Scotland-based singer’s album ‘Present Tense’, this is a very personal and moving track.

Craig John Davidson

Down At Dawn (Kiss My Kunst)

A slightly folky but also quite spiky ditty

Jackal Trades

March To March (Traffic Cone)

Glasgow-based Jackal Trades are back with a new single, produced by Konchis