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Single review


Reach Out (Tantrum)

London-based artist Malka’s most recent single is an electronic delight

Post Coal Prom Queen

Wait, Wait, Dig (PCPQ)

This is another great track from PCPQ, the second track from their forthcoming EP

White Novels

Over Again (WN)

This is Scottish outfit White Novels’ fourth single, and it is a real grower.


Lifesaver (self-released)

Artesan are from Falkirk and this is their second single

John Rush

Maybe It's True (Darlin' It's You) (JR)

John Rush has been coming up through the ranks of acclaimed singer/songwriters

Wojtek The Bear

Ferme La Bouche (Last Night From Glasgow)

This Glasgow-based quartet go from strength to strength and this new single is upbeat, poppy and has the mid-90s summer bounce

The Gracious Losers

Loath to Leave (Last Night From Glasgow)

Preceding a new album ‘Six Road Ends’ is this new single from Glasgow’s Gracious Losers

Quiet, The Art

And The Rains Came / Don't Give Up, Hope (bandcamp)

A new double A-side release from Scottish duo Quiet, The Art, this follows-up ‘Spiders‘ from last June. There’s a spoken word quote from someone (not sure who!) at the start and throughout the first track ‘And The Rains Came’ during which the instrumentation burbles up, guitar, drums and other stuff, and over five minutes it […]

Arab Strap

Here Comes Comus! (Rock Action)

Out in world now, the third track to come from the eagerly-anticipated new Strap LP takes us down dark alleyways and into nights of hedonism and risky behaviour

Freya Alley

Big Wild World (Spinnup)

Freya Alley is back, and the London based songstress delivers once again with her new dark pop gem ‘Big Wild World’.