Video of the week – Sweeney Straddles The Sun

The first new album from Jason Sweeney since 2018’s sophomore effort ‘Tarantula’ is imminent, and the second taster from it, ‘Catharsis Dies’, is, as he describes it, “another brazen foray into hiphop/rap, via 80s electropop… about our obsession with stock narrative and points an ironic finger at those who push them.”

Album #3 from the side project of the sometime member of The Just Joans is as-yet untitled, and due in late June. The first single from it, ‘On The Surface‘, appeared in January, and both tracks do indeed show what he describes as an “upscaling of the overall recording sound whilst maintaining the home-recorded ethos and catchy, synthpop melodies that garnered the previous releases some good attention.”

Although the previous two long-players were collaborative affairs, this release is more of a solo and DIY effort – despite attempts to get his live band onto the recordings, only Rosie Stilloe provides backing vocals on the latest track, although Amanda Brown aka Jigsawtiger will, hopefully, rejoin the fray towards release time. Her absence does account for the rap on the new track – “I’d been watching ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ and listening to ODB and just loving his sort of brazen, sing-songy approach to rap and lyric construction,” Sweeney reveals.

If your appetite is whetted but you can’t wait until June or thereabouts, also available on Bandcamp are 2010 debut ‘Erect‘ and 2018’s ‘Ducks At The Moon’.

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Video of the week – How To Swim

‘Straight White Men’ is the first track to be taken from the Glasgow act’s forthcoming ‘Bars ‘n’ Loners’ compilation album, consisting of three EPs recorded in Barcelona over the last decade.

The band play a festive show – their first gig in the city in seven years – at Glasgow’s Glad Cafe on Tuesday 20th December, with guests Razatickets available now.

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Video of the week – Mathias Kom / Toby Goodshank

Mathias Kom and Toby Goodshank, of Canadian heroes The Burning Hell, have recently paid tribute to Roger Miller with ‘Miller Time’ – their album of covers of songs penned by the American singer-songwriter.

The band recently toured the UK with Goodshank and Kom ‘supporting’, and when they stopped in Nottingham, visited the National Justice Museum. A Miller song, ‘Not In Nottingham’, features on the album as well as their live set, and attendees of Burning Hell shows will now know that not only did Roger Miller write The Proclaimers’ hit ‘King of The Road’, they will also have been educated fully in the eccentric singer’s career – including the fact that he wrote several songs for the soundtrack for the 1973 Disney animated movie of ‘Robin Hood’, and ‘features’ as a lute-playing cockerel.

The video for ‘Not in Nottingham’ was filmed by bandmate Ariel Sharratt with assistance from Amy, Alex, and of course, Judge Becky.

‘Miller Time’ is available now from The Burning Hell or Toby Goodshank or from the label BB*Island.

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Flux Velociraptor

The exclusive video premiere for their new single ‘3000 Fists’ – read on for the full story behind the single and its animated short…