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short players

Boobs of Doom

Weird Art Riot (DOOM)

Another month, another BoD release!

Alex Tronic

A Voice For The Silent (Alex Tronic Records)

Alex Tronic’s last album, ‘Nature Flow’ had a righteous anger about mankind’s damage to the environment.

Annie Booth

Magic 8 (Last Night From Glasgow / Scottish Fiction)

This new single from Annie Booth is further evidence that not only is she an excellent songwriter but she is also not afraid to lay her voice and soul bare.

Mt. Doubt

Unravelling (Scottish Fiction)

First new music of 2019 from The Doubts, this track expands their scope musically and lyrically.

Kitchen Cynics

Now I Am An Animal (Les Enfants du Paradiddle)

This track is another glorious release from the ‘Things We Pretend To Do’ LP


Wired (Forbes and Reilly remix) (Beatport)

Well I never…

Slime City

Great British Skeleton (Slime City Death Club)

Another rollicking release by Glasgow pop punk outfit Slime City – there is riffing, high-pitched vocals and some mad instrumental build-ups, like Green Day shagging Bis, or something, apologies to both these acts. Slime City have no respect for boundaries and add everything and the kitchen sink to this track – the sound of young […]


Dear Monday (Traffic Cone)

This is the first new track from the Girobabies in a few years and it is another angry diatribe

The Rotations

What Will Be (795537)

This is deep down and dirty, filthy guitar chords and primal riffing

Callum Easter

Fall in Love (Lost Map)

This is the lead track from Mr Easter’s debut album and it is quite a woozy, low-key affair.