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Single review


Animals (self-released)

You might already have heard Garlands. Vic Galloway’s a fan, as are Jim Gellatly and Tom Robinson.

Elizabeth Elektra

Obsidian (Occult Babes)

The debut single by EE – formerly known as Zyna Hel – is a great listen


Brother (plus remixes) (Greedy Manager)

BM is a massive fan of Foxtrap (formerly The Baltic States)


Paris/ Varipapa (download)

Another great release from Glasgow’s Hairband – strumming excellence on first track ‘Paris’.

Anna Meredith

Paramour (Moshi Moshi / Black Prince Fury)

Oh good god, she has done it again!

The Martial Arts

I Used To Be The Martial Arts EP (Last Night From Glasgow)

The esteemed Last Night From Glasgow record label have done it again

Red Box

Gods & Kings (Right Track)

This track is absolutely beautiful.


Dexter and Sinister (Polydor)

Elbow are never the kind of band that hit you between the eyes and give you an instant rush.

Wojtek The Bear

A Long Wait For Bad News (Scottish Fiction)

Wojtek The Bear are outstanding.


For The Pickling (Lost Map)

Lost Map have a nose for talent and this latest release is just lovely