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Single review

The Gilhoolys

STAR (Main St)

The press release states that this Glasgow act, “Once described by various DJs and Music Journalists as ‘The Next Big Thing From Scotland’

Errant Boy

The Poisoned Word (Errant Media)

In the first of two promised singles this year, the Edinburgh-based outfit spread their musical nous over this slightly mournful track.


Alive (Tantrum)

Glasgow-based electronic artist Malka’s latest track is quite a banger

Chvrches / Robert Smith

How Not To Drown (Virgin)

For the second track release from their next album Chvrches have brought out the big guns

Black Hill Transmissions

Black Hill Transmissions (Creeping Bent)

Black Hill Transmissions released this track earlier this year but have kept a pretty low profile regarding their identity

Chris Connelly / Monica Queen

My Father Took Me Everywhere (Jnana)

The second track from forthcoming Chris Connelly album ‘The Birthday Poems’


Kill It (Leslie Wai remix) (Lab)

Ayrshire’s Vukovi have been off BM’s radar for a couple of years but this remix of recent track ‘Kill It’ is quite the banger.

Jackal Trades

Strange Times (Traffic Cone)

This is the second track from the forthcoming Jackal Trades album – and it is another twisted meditation on the modern world

Chris Connelly

Tae the Poets (Jnana)

Chris Connelly took off to the USA in the early 90s to join industrial noise merchants Ministry and Revolting Cocks

We Were Promised Jetpacks

If It Happens (Big Scary Monsters)

Now a trio, WWPJ have not released any material for a wee while