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short players


Weekend Messiah EP (Vagabonds)

This lot are from Motherwell, a five piece combo, unsigned


Eyes Shut (Blood Moon)

Shhe is the new moniker/project from the artist formerly known as Panda Su


Receiver (Lost Map)

Ok, so this caught BM’s attention on the radio this week while sheltering from Beast/Emma

Be Like Pablo

My Kind of Girl (Spinnup)

BM reviewed a track by this band last spring (‘There She Is’), and here we have more

Kathryn Joseph

Tell My Lover (Rock Action)

After an award-winning album a couple of years ago ‘Bones You Have etc’, and a slew of top-notch collaborations


Mr Margins (A Modern Way)

This cracking new single from Solareye (MC with East Coast collective Stanley Odd, here going solo) confirms his place as one of the most talented and creative rap forces


Into The Dreams (Slut) (x)

Rather spooky and gothy, this single by male/female (of Scottish/Serbian original, we are told) duo Permahorn is from a new album

Buffalo Tom

'Lonely, Fast and Deep' (Schoolkids)

This single must be the first new material from these guys since… Gawd knows when…


'In Here' / 'Tonight' (Scottish Fiction)

This track trails a new EP by the band (release date: March 2018) entitled ‘All I Am’ and it is another belter

Carla J. Easton

Lights in the Dark (CJE)

BM thinks this is her first release of 2018 but with an artist as prolific as Carla J Easton you never know.