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Single review

Loki (The Scottish Rapper)

Petty Shit (Loki)

As usual this is pretty (petty) heavy stuff so BM is going to review – the lead track from the new album -and then go for a wee lie down.

Blue Tiles

Headland (Errant Media)

This track is a trailer for an album from the Edinburgh act, to be released in October, and it rules!


Some People Are Inconvenient (Diamond Pure)

What does the asterisk in this Glasgow three-piece’s name stand for?

Stara Zagora

One Way Ticket to the Moon, Please (Stara Zagora)

Ayrshire-based singer-songwriter Sean McGeoch first made his mark in 2015 with the stunning debut Stara Zagora album, ‘Reality is the Nightmare’.


Marmalade (These Bloody Thieves)

Newcastle-based quintet Headclouds have recently made a big splash on North-East England’s music scene

Roy Moller and the Chain Pier Group

Semicolon (Stereogram)

It’s been four years since the much-loved cult artist Roy Moller has released new music

Doctors of Madness

Make it Stop! (Molecular Scream)

“Damned right it’s political!” Richard Strange boldly claims of this

Roxy Girls

Spanners For Hands (Moshi Moshi)

Sunderland 4-piece Roxy Girls have teased their upcoming album A Poverty Of Attention


Animals (self-released)

You might already have heard Garlands. Vic Galloway’s a fan, as are Jim Gellatly and Tom Robinson.

Elizabeth Elektra

Obsidian (Occult Babes)

The debut single by EE – formerly known as Zyna Hel – is a great listen