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Single review


Pain Sells (download)

Cede is a collaboration between Becci Wallace and Alan Kerr – both of whom have other musical lives

Minna Ora

Fire (MO)

Minna Ora is bold, and she has nothing to hide in her latest single release, ‘Fire,’


Good Girls (Virgin)

Another single from the forthcoming ‘Screen Violence’ album, this is further slice of pure synthpop with attitude.

Jennifer Porter

Sun Come And Shine (Cougar Moon)

Maine singer-songwriter Jennifer Porter’s new single is the title track from current album ‘Sun Come And Shine’, and it brings joy to the music community

The Wife Guys of Reddit

Wet and Tired EP (Bandcamp)

This oddly-named combo comprise some musicians from various Scottish bands and this breezy slice of indie-rock is quite the thing…

Amanda Marie Wilkinson

Taking My Time (AMW)

Amanda Marie Wilkinson is currently releasing hits left, right, and centre, and her latest one is no exception


Former Things (Warp)

Julie Campbell, aka Lonelady, is from Manchester and has been releasing music for a few years now.

Jamie Strachan

Anxieties (stream)

Jamie Strachan is a West of Scotland-based singer/songwriter who has been ploughing a somewhat lonely furrow these past few years


Old Flame (CM)

Calboa, the modern indie maestro, is blazing on all cylinders with his new single, ‘Old Flame’.

Public Service Broadcasting

People Let's Dance (featuring Eera) (PIAS)

A firm favourite for a good few years now and it is great to see Public Service Broadcasting take another total change of direction