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Single review

Noah Lema

One For You (download)

With their new pop track, ‘One For You’, Noah Lema and his vocal partner, Anderton, are infectious!

Tito Jackson

Under Your Spell (Gulf Coast)

Pop legend Tito Jackson has rerouted his musical direction, and he smashes it with his new blues album, ‘Under Your Spell’.

Olly E

Rise Above (download)

Alt-rock virtuoso Olly E goes it alone on ‘Rise Above,’ and he crushes it.

Annie Booth

Cocoon (Last Night From Glasgow)

The first track from forthcoming album ‘Lazybody’, ‘Cocoon’ is the Edinburgh singer-songwriter at her best


Medicine (download)

Edinburgh’s Wrest have been building their reputation through some singles and EPs, along with well-reviewed live shows


Look At Me Now (stream)

‘Look At Me Now,’ a new track by Eliot, has the indie-rock juices flowing. When he thinks back on his time on this Earth, the singer is full of sorrow, often wondering what could have been if he had the knowledge he has now. The song begins with a gritty guitar riff that lifts us […]

Jackal Trades / Morphamish

On it Again (Traffic Cone)

This collaboration between Jackal Trades and Morphamish is a banger of a welcome back to live gigs

Bas Jan

You Have Bewitched Me (Lost Map)

Again proving that Lost Map have such excellent taste, this London-based quartet return to the fray after several years away.


Ends of Me (First Run)

Glasgow-based Fauves have a new single out, and it continues their journey into highly processed grooves…

Declan Welsh and the Decadent West

Talking To Myself (Modern Sky)

This new single from Scotland’s Declan Welsh is a real belter, with turned-up guitars and a real attack on the vocals.