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Single review

Blanck Mass

House Vs House (Sacred Bones)

Holy fucking Christ!


Burnt Snakes (Bronston)

This is a far more muscular than BM remembers from seeing them live

The Starry Skies

Glitter and The Glory EP (Fox Star)

This five track EP takes two of the best tracks from last year’s ‘Be Kind’ album

Locked Hands

Drop (Errant Media)

Errant Media’s latest release is a wonky electronica track by Locked Hands


A World is Born (Upset The Rhythm)

Not quite sure how to categorise this, it sounds like some kind of call to arms

Snapped Ankles

Letter from Hampi Mountain (The Leaf Label)

This live track is heavy, punky and funky

Jared Celosse

New Orleans (Esca) (Olive Grove)

Starting with sustained piano chords, this soon sparks into life with some electronic backing, drums and this amazing voice

Wojtek The Bear

Tonic Youth (Scottish Fiction)

This is a jaunty wee ditty about misspent youth…

Be Charlotte

Brighter Without You (Columbia)

This is the brand new single from Be Charlotte, and it is a banger.


There Is No Point (Other Than the Point That There Is No Point) (Las Night From Glasgow)

Shrouded in parentheses, this is just under three minutes of pure pop heaven