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Vicious Circle ()

Glasgow-based Paul Hipson and Hugh Frizell are known collectively as “Hippy”

Ivan Makvel

How You Make Me Feel (The Sleepers Recordz)

Ivan Makvel gets the foot tapping with his new single – one of the freshest funk releases to grace the airwaves in 2021

Mayah Herlihy

Follow The Sunshine (Main St)

Mayah is only 14 years old but she has some voice – she reached no, 1 in the UK Country charts

Hadda Be

Wait in The Dark (Last Night from Glasgow)

Phew! This new single from Hadda Be is a slice of urgent indie thrash

Colonel Mustard & the Dijon Five

This is Your House (Remixes) EP (Button Up)

The Dijon Five have been busy during lockdown.

Leo Fox

Freed By The Knife (LF)

The frontman of Edinburgh rockers Hagana has, we presume, missed making music with his alt.rock/grunge bandmates during lockdown.

Community Swimming Pool

You (Z Tapes)

Glasgow-based songwriter Brett McCann is building up a fair body of work – three singles in so many months and this, the follow-up to hazy summery ‘Number One’, sports understated guitar work recalling Vini Reilly and Roddy Frame. And the song itself similarly has 80s pop feel, like Talk Talk in their pop phase but […]


Savage Curios (bandcamp)

“Exotica”, he calls it, and to be fair this five-track EP from the Glasgow-based producer couldn’t be more aptly titled.

The Shan

X Flies (Kapital Media)

The lead track in this Edinburgh trio’s EP, ‘Grave Love’ is propelled along by a chunky riff


Turn It On (bandcamp)

From Birkenhead via France, this Glasgow-based producer apparently runs a vintage recording studio in the city.