Susan Bear

Shake (Say Yes)

Multi-instrumentalist, serial band member and person of supreme and understated talents, Susan Bear’s latest release is another track of rave-drenched 8-bit disco more… “Susan Bear”

Broken Chanter

You've Got To Stop Worrying All The Time

Straight outta the traps, the new single from David McGregor and his collaborators is a grand slice of indiepop laced with melody more… “Broken Chanter”


Dear Scott

Glasgow-based artist Goliath’s latest musical offering is a heartfelt tribute to the late Scott Hutchinson. more… “Goliath”

Echo Machine

Last Action Hero / The Stranger

Dundee outfit Echo Machine are teasing this pair of tracks from their forthcoming album (‘Accidental Euphoria’, great title btw!), due in March 2024, and they are both full of energy and slightly retro synth-rock action.

With dramatic vocals which recall something between Andrew Eldritch and John Foxx, ‘The Stranger’ barrels along (“I don’t know who I’m trying to impress”) with squalling guitars and battering drums… is it about multiple personality disorder or just someone struggling with a popstar persona, like Bowie probably did…?

‘Last Action Hero’ is bit more electronic, in the riff at least – like a classic B-Movie track, to these ears – again the vocal pulls you in, intrigued by what is going on here – “I always dreamed I could be someone else…can you see through me, I see through you…”

Having seen this lot in action it is fair to say the producer of these tracks has captured some of the sheer drama and tension of the live act. By all accounts the album will be worth the wait.

Lloyd Cole

Wolves (Mogwai mix)

A somewhat unlikely pairing, this version of Cole’s album track (from latest release ‘On Pain’) has been given a reworking more… “Lloyd Cole”