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Single review

The Filthy Tongues

Gas Mask Blues (Bandcamp / Blokshok)

Come the pandemic, come the artistic responses…

Tali Shear

Fool (Shear)

Tali Shear is hitting all the right notes on her new release ‘Fool’.


London I Hate You (bandcamp)

So 10 albums so far this year,… puff puff, we cannae keep up.

John Rush

Sister (Old Brown Shoe)

West of Scotland based singer-songwriter John Rush has been bubbling under for a while now

Empress (feat Loki)

Tell Me Something New (download)

Produced by the hiphop master Steg G, this new track by Glasgow’s Empress just drips with edge.

Quiet, The Art

Spiders / Lowell (bandcamp)

This Edinburgh duo have released a couple of instrumentals, their first by the look of things, and lead track ‘Spiders’ is rather good


Where We Came From (Independent)

Complex is a man on a mission. First, we had ‘Let’s Do This’, and now we have this new release

Meg Lawrenson

Use My Body (BFS)

Meg Lawrenson is back and even bolder than ever before.


Simple Love (Scaramanga)

So just back from Barnard Castle Specsavers (Christ what a queue..) and this drops onto the Vic Galloway show

Jamie Scott

Perfect Pint (bandcamp)

This is the lead single from Jamie Scott’s great new album ‘Halcyon Days’,