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The Shan

X Flies (Kapital Media)

The lead track in this Edinburgh trio’s EP, ‘Grave Love’ is propelled along by a chunky riff


Turn It On (bandcamp)

From Birkenhead via France, this Glasgow-based producer apparently runs a vintage recording studio in the city.

Probably Finlay

The Unquiet Grave (2453875 Records DK)

Not the cheeriest of subjects perhaps – based on an old folk story about a boy waiting at the grave of his slain young love

M Pike

Worthy (New Era Vision)

M Pike is soaring to the top with his new release, ‘Worthy’.


IDK (Lilybank)

Originally from Dundee, Jeshua (Joshua Gray) is now based in Glasgow, and has been making waves with radio play and positive reviews

Gates of Light

recordtitle (Shimmy-Disc)

Gates of Light is a collaboration between members of A Band Called Quinn

Dean Owens feat. Joey Burns & John Convertino

The Desert Trilogy, Vol. 1: The Burning Heart (Eel Pie)

It will be lead single ‘New Mexico’ which gets the publicity and the plaudits, and to be fair if you team up with Calexico for a lockdown-inspired album that is inevitable. “Want to go to New Mexico”, Owens intones as the distinctive drum chug and guitar work of Convertino and Burns soundtrack this lament. However, […]

Dunt (feat. Sam West)

Dark Between Stars (Check Masses Remix) (Southside Deluxe)

Dunt is probably best known for his production work with Stanley Odd

The Anchoress

The Art of Losing (Kscope)

The artistic moniker of Welsh artist Catherine Anne Davis

Roberto Bates

Fire Walk With Me (bgRECORDS)

German-born Roberto Bates is the EDM man of the moment with his new release featuring VIOLA