is this music? with Stuart McHugh: September 22nd 2022

Featuring new releases from Anna B Savage, Popup, Nightingales, Smashing Pumpkins and Prolapse, plus Nunny Boy, Lewis McLaughlin, Quiet as a Mouse and Have Mercy, Las Vegas…

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Jill Lorean

What's in a name? : with Jill O'Sullivan

Like Snoop Dogg, Bowie and Jesus H Christ, Jill O’Sullivan goes by many names and guises.

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Moments In Time : with Martin John Henry and Robert Dallas Gray

After a couple of low-key EP releases, Whin, a duo featuring Martin John Henry (De Rosa / Henry & Fleetwood) and Robert Dallas Gray (Life Without Buildings), are about to release their debut LP ‘Dawn Firth’.

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The Stereophonics

Britpop survivors : with Kelly Jones

Two decades is, as Kelly Jones agrees, a long time. Certainly in musical terms. The Stereophonics frontman is reflecting on the fact that his band have not just lasted 20 years, but seen off most of the competition.

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