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Salt House

Loving the island life : with Jenny Sturgeon

For most people, ‘social isolation’ will be tricky – especially the culture shock if going from the daily buzz of a city commute. (more…)


    Ged Grimes»

    Once famous for its three Js – jam, jute and journalism – the city by the Tay is now known for a couple of Ds – digital and design.

    Vulture Party»

    There’s not much to laugh about at the moment, but Dickson Telfer can still take a joke.

    Colonel Mustard»

    Col. Mustard and the Dijon 5 may be the Hardest Working Act in Showbiz.


MJ Hibbett & The Validators

Vid for ‘People Are All Right (if they are given half a chance)’ – created entirely in lockdown with MJ and the band in isolation.


Gig review

Be Charlotte»
'Lights Off' single launch
Siobhan Wilson»
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Lemon Drink / Loudmammoth / Grayling»
Glasgow The Poetry Club
Helicon / Rambler / Stara Zagora»
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Glasgow Nice and Sleazy

Album review

Adam Ross (and the False Summits)»
Live From My Imagination
Liam Ross»
Hearts and Faces and Abandoned Spaces
Scottish Hiphop Artists for Equality»
No Justice No Peace
Calling All Astronauts»
Check Masses»
Happy Songs

Single review

Tali Shear»
London I Hate You
John Rush»
Empress (feat Loki)»
Tell Me Something New
Quiet, The Art»
Spiders / Lowell
Where We Came From