is this music? with Stuart McHugh: 27th October 2022

Small names even by our standards – Poster Paints lead us off in a Hallowe’en non-special with Scunner and My Name is Ian hopefully adding scenes of mild terror to a playlist which also includes some mysteriously pseudonymed acts and a couple of artists whose names begin with ‘Q’. Curiouser and curiouser…

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Rev Magnetic

Gloaming and roaming : with Luke Sutherland

To followers of the current music scene music he will be known as frontman of Rev Magnetic

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Lush life

Miki Berenyi : out of Lush / Piroshka

Pop into any bookshop nowadays and you’ll probably come across an array of autobiographies of ’90s indie pop stars

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Believe the hype: The Great Western

A world of music comes to Glasgow : this 12th November

PR hyperbole is all-too-common when music promoters attempt to make their events stand out among what seems like – despite these cash-strapped times – a busier-than-ever live calendar.

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