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Harsh Winters

heading west : with Luke Joyce

It’s an unconventional way to promote your new album, but for Luke Joyce, getting away from it all was a necessary step. (more…)


    Paul Vickers»

    Who would live in a world like this? Through the keyhole, we see one Paul Vickers and his surreal take on music and life.

    Malcolm Middleton»

    Perhaps I worry too much, but I’m always aware my interview call could be interrupting a meal, or distracting someone’s driving.

    Anna Meredith»

    ‘It’s a little bit crazy at the moment,” says Anna Meredith, and she’s not exaggerating.


Jazzateers – Religious Me

Brand new video for the track recorded in the mid-1980s and now available again on the ‘rediscovered’ long-player ‘Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey’, out now on Creeping Bent

Album review

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Rainbow Skull
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Elaine Lennon
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Single review

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