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Ian Donaldson

Looking to the stars - again : with the former H2O singer

The 1980s, it seems, are back in fashion. Well, if they ever were in fashion. But among the poodle perms and bad trousers was something of a Scottish invasion on the charts. (more…)


    The Twistettes»

    Rock is littered with tales of sibling rivalry – from the Gallaghers to the Kinks, the closest of family relationships can become strained when together put in a tourbus.

    The Nightingales»

    With a new album and extensive tour schedule underway, Nightingales frontman Robert Lloyd very generously took a few minutes to speak about their current activities with ITM?

    Jamie Scott»

    For Glaswegians, and indeed Scots of a certain age, the Glasgow Garden Festival was a landmark event



Vid for the new single from the Trinidad and Tobago-based combo – and taken from a forthcoming album produced by Grant Lee Buffalo’s Paul Kimble…

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