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Hector Collectors

still looking good : with Adam Smith

It used to be that to release an actual record you had to be a ‘proper’ band – quit your job, get signed to a label. (more…)


    John Rush»

    John Rush has been bubbling under for a while now, with last album ‘Under the Apple Tree’.

    Ivor Cutler’s Y’Hup»

    In a wintry January what better time to get away from it all, to the lush paradise isle of Y’Hup – even if it is an imaginary place conjured up by music.

    Salt House»

    For most people, ‘social isolation’ will be tricky – especially the culture shock if going from the daily buzz of a city commute.


MJ Hibbett & The Validators

Vid for ‘People Are All Right (if they are given half a chance)’ – created entirely in lockdown with MJ and the band in isolation.


Album review

The Rotations»
As A Matter of Fact
The Twistettes»
Live at Capture Works
Starry Skies»
Do It With Love
Lady Di / Mega Emotion»
Move Motherf*cker / I Know You Know I'm Perfect
Robin Adams»
One Day
The Son(s)»
The Creatures We Were Before We Were Ghosts

Single review

Arab Strap»
Compersion Pt. 1
We Will Survive The Coronavirus
Locked Hands»
Found Out
It’s No Good
Cube Escape
Constant Follower»
I Can't Wake You