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Dot Allison

The wanderer returns : ten questions

It would be fair to say Dot Allison has undergone something of a rebirth. (more…)


    Monica Queen»

    Hear the name Monica Queen and you may think of her work firstly with Thrum, or more recently Tenement and Temple

    Chris Connelly»

    Music and poetry often go hand-in-hand, but it’s safe to say that a Booker prize-nominated Orcadian and a member of a US-based industrial rock supergroup are unlikely to feature together on many album credits.

    Paul Research»

    For many music fans of a certain vintage, the guitar work on the seminal Scars album ‘Author Author’ is as an iconic part of post-punk


Scientific Support Dept.

The exclusive video premiere for their new single ‘Stuttered’ – read on for the full story behind the single and its animated short…

Gig review

TVAM / Modern Woman / Mandrake Handshake / Polly / The Kundalini Genie»
Glasgow Psych Fest @ Broadcast
Life Model / Deer Leader»
Glasgow Glad Cafe
Slime City»
Glasgow Hug and Pint
Arab Strap / Cloth»
Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom
sumshapes /Jill Lorean»
Glasgow Glad Cafe
Kapil Seshasayee»
King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

Album review

The Great Leap Forward»
Revolt Against An Age of Plenty
Sons of Southern Ulster»
Turf Accountant Schemes
Andrew Howie»
Pale White Branches
Grant J Robson»
Lit By The Dark
The Bug»
Nanocluster Vol.1

Single review

Noah Lema»
One For You
Tito Jackson»
Under Your Spell
Olly E»
Rise Above
Annie Booth»
Look At Me Now