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Album review

False Bliss

Ritual Terrains (Scottish Fiction)

Some readers will recall Scottish indie band DTHPDL.

Delta Mainline

Bel Avenir (Rehab Sound)

It’s been over five years since this Edinburgh-based combo’s last release

C Duncan

Health (Fatcat)

2017’s album ‘The Midnight Sun’ established C Duncan as a musician whose work could comfortably stand alongside any of the dreampop greats whose music had inspired him.

Siobhan Wilson

The Departure (Suffering Fools)

This is an impressive album, and has some crushing moments.


Your Church on my Bonfire (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

Is this really their forth long player? Well, it is and my God they have upped the songwriting quality to a point where it becomes quite sublime… This is a very good record – 11 tracks with no filler; cliches about “maturing” could be used here but it is just better, with Philip’s voice to […]

Attic Lights

Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks (Elefant)

Some things in life are reliably familiar.


Interview Music (Empty Words)

25 years old next year, the Scottish indie legends are still full of youthful energy.

Fontaines D.C.

Dogrel (Partisan)

Fontaines D.C.’s eloquent motormouth of a frontman Grian Chatten probably won’t thank me for saying this


Outtakes (download)

This guy (Stephen Jones) continues to pump out classic pop, long after he was written off

The Media Whores

A Decade of Defiance (Twenty Stone Blatt)

This new compilation comes ahead of the next planned release from The Media Whores