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long players


Bats Fly Out From Under The Bridge (Evol)

Album opener ‘Page, Take Me To The Lair’ is the sort of track that a lot of other bands would choose to end their first album in 14 years with.

Port Sulphur

Valentinos (Creeping Bent)

I stuck this onto my music player expecting more of the motorik garage pop that makes Port Sulphur’s previous release ‘Paranoic Critical’ the breezy guitar fest that it is.

Asian Dub Foundation

Rafi's Revenge (London)

Listening to this album brought back one of the happiest memories of my life. Primal Scream, Glasgow, 1998, Barrowlands.

Desert Ships

Eastern Flow (DS)

Some album reviews are potentially easier than others.


Bullet (Blinding Heights)

Co-written and produced by ex-Danny Wilson main man Gary Clark, this is another pop nugget from Central Scotland.


This Is Not The End (By The Time It Gets Dark)

This is not an album to bask in peacefully and pastorally.


Keep it Weird, Keep it Wired (Tarbeach)

Hailing from Scotland’s post-industrial heartland, Reaction combine ’70s street-punk with gritty Americana on their barnstorming second album.

Ged Grimes

The Bard's Tale IV Barrows Deep Vol II (Original Game Soundtrack) (Heist)

This is a very moving set of songs.

Jimi Hendrix

Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Reissue) (Sony)

Years ago I read a magazine article where someone involved with maintaining the Hendrix legacy claimed to have around 300 hours of unreleased material

Neu Gestalt

Controlled Substances (Alex Tronic)

This album is a soundscape rather than an album.