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Single review

Pale Fire

Husbands (Late Fragments)

Indie-rock five-piece Pale Fire have given us another taster of their upcoming album through the track ‘Husbands’.

Home State

Call Me/Leave Me (HS)

I relish the new sound which Home State delivers.

Post Coal Prom Queen

You Wouldn't Download A Car (PCPQ)

A self-released debut single, this is a new project courtesy of Gordon Johnstone and Lily Higham of L-space

Let It Come Down

Monday (Shimmy Disc)

This is the new project from Kramer, an NYC based artist and musician whose playing and production credits, all the way from the ’70s is pretty fearsome.

Locked Hands

The Getting By (Errant Media)

The third release from Edinburgh electronica maestro Locked Hands


Everything Looks Normal in the Sunshine (My Big Sister)

Penfriend is the new project of Bristol-based artist (formerly She Makes War) Laura Kidd


Wither Away (First Run)

Fauves have been stirring it up for a wee while now (see previous review of

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Crazy Things (bandcamp)

The title track from a five song EP, this is apparently inspired by ‘Killing Eve’

The Countess of Fife

Live EP (CoF)

This is a great live EP by the indomitable Fay (Countess of) Fife and her band.

Out of the Swim

The Garden (ft. Annie Booth) (bandcamp download)

Falkirk and Glasgow based band Out of the Swim are releasing their new single ‘The Garden’