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Disgrace (F&J Records)

Ska is a weird genre – basically it’s fast reggae, but ska punk – which is what this quintet make – is, well, punk, with an offbeat.

Banana Oil

Ultamate Mix (labelname)

The work of Joe Howe – best known to indie types as electro terrorist Germlin

Port Sulphur

Olive Avenue / Green Wave (Creeping Bent)

The multi-member supergroup helmed by Creeping Bent supremo Douglas Macintyre has rather come up trumps again.


Nothing's Alright, Leave Me Alone (download)

Now, some will recall the 1980s as a musical decade that is best forgotten, but this Fife quartet choose their influences well

The Gaffer

Throw Me Off (download)

Sometimes less is more.


Born of the Jackal EP (Bandcamp)

Well – five tracks from Samuel J Smith, of Casual Sex and Mother and the Addicts.

Arab Strap

The Turning Of Our Bones (Rock Action)

This is probably the most welcome comeback, or reanimation, of 2020 so far…

Community Swimming Pool

Upside Down (Backpack)

The alter-ego of Glasgow-based multi-instrumentalist Brett McCann, the oddly-named Community Swimming Pool’s debut is the result of four years of music-making.

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

Ted Dancin' (Button Up)

In these shitty times here is something to really cheer you up, readers…

Elaine Lennon

Uncharted Waters (Little Sailor)

West of Scotland-based singer songwriter Elaine Lennon has released this very personal yet universal track