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Oh Captain

Come On Down (KFM)

Musicians Mark Lange and Kevin Lynch have teamed up to create a new musical project – Oh Captain.

Minna Ora

Sea (Puuma)

Minna Ora is leaping out of her homeland of Finland with her latest release, ‘Sea’.

Julia Thomsen

New Beginnings (569238 Records DK)

Julia Thomsen brings the festive charm with her new delivery, ‘New Beginnings’. It is a soft release with angelic qualities


Volcano Sunset (download)

Zipten is soaring through the electronic world with his new release, ‘Volcano Sunset’.

Jackal Trades

Macapella (Traffic Cone)

This new Jackal Trades is slightly more downbeat than some previous releases

Stanley Odd

She's A Wee Witch (Circular)

The Odd have been fairly prolific over these past few months and this latest one is quite interesting…

Gareth Sager (feat. Davy Henderson)

All You Put Me Through (Creeping Bent)

This is a pairing of a couple of musical legends – Gareth Sager of The Pop Group and other things, with Davy Henderson of The Fire Engines

Teenage Fanclub

Home (PeMa)

After a four year intermission, Bellshill beauties Teenage Fanclub have returned to boost our serotonin with their new track, ‘Home’.


Let Go (download)

Suman leaps forward with her new release ‘Let Go’.

Arab Strap

Compersion Pt. 1 (Rock Action)

compersion (uncountable)