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Single review

Broken Chanter

Ambient 1: Music For Airing Cupboards (bandcamp)

Like many musicians in this terrible period, David MacGregor has been looking inwardly and has produced this rather splendid EP

Marshall Chipped

A Stopped Clock (bandcamp download)

Another artist who had planned a product launch which sadly had to be cancelled is Marshall Chipped, but this release is worth the £3 admission

Fontaines D.C.

A Hero’s Death (Partisan)

Fontaines D.C. have released a new single, ‘A Hero’s Death’

Walt Disco

Cut Your Hair (WD)

Walt Disco are young, Glasgow-based and a little bit mental.

De Rosa

'Mystery Walks (Permitted Exercise Version)' (bandcamp download)

In these dark lockdown times De Rosa have given us an unexpected groovy treat.

Martha Ffion

After The Fact (Lost Map)

This is quite a step-up from Martha Ffion – there’s something different (in a good way)

Macon Heights

Wake Up (The War Machine) (Savage Recordings)

Macon Heights – a name taken from Philip K Dick’s 1953 short story ‘The Commuter’ – strive to put into music the displacement and isolation Dick articulated in his iconic writing.


Agility (Independent)

Since forming in early 2016, hardcore punk band Sickones have released music of an increasingly high standard

Mt. Doubt

Caravans on a Hill (Last Night From Glasgow)

Edinburgh’s Mt Doubt have gifted us a lot of great tracks the last few years

Good Dog

Floating / Bumblebee (Lost Map)

Good Dog is the latest moniker for Lost Map artist Susan Bear, a veteran of Pictish Trial, Malcolm Middleton