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Single review

Obey Robots

Inside Out (Bandcamp)

Following last year’s ‘Let It Snow’, this is the second release from the collaborative project

Sasha Kaloheris

Bad Days (Main St.)

Sasha Kaloheris is a 17 year old from Renfrewshire and this track (out April 16th) is her first release, ahead of her first EP.

Post Coal Prom Queen

Tomorrow's Garden (PCPQ)

PCPQ (formerly L-space) are going from strength to strength with this new track

RKB Vitesse

Pledge Psychodrama (Lost Map)

Interesting! – very interesting…

The Martial Arts

Bethany (Last Night From Glasgow)

Paul Kelly is The Martial Arts and this is his first new material in a wee while


How We Met (Cherry Pie) (Last Night From Glasgow)

Back in 2012 this was the first track that the West of Scotland all-female four-piece combo TeenCanteen (Carla, Chloe, Sita and Debs) recorded.

Molly Linen

Tomorrow's Garden (Lost Map)

Molly is Glasgow-based, and with a back catalogue already containing several singles and EPs, this is the start of a series of releases.

Locked Hands

Tarmac (Errant Media)

Edinburgh’s Locked Hands’s release their fifth single, ‘Tarmac’, and it is another belter!

Becci Wallace

Focus (BW)

Based in Scotland, Becci Wallace’s fourth single from the album ‘Present Tense’ is a reflection on some pretty deep themes…


Football (Negative Hope)

Gunke’s new single, the second, is a punky, shouty ode to football