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Single review


Dexter and Sinister (Polydor)

Elbow are never the kind of band that hit you between the eyes and give you an instant rush.

Wojtek The Bear

A Long Wait For Bad News (Scottish Fiction)

Wojtek The Bear are outstanding.


For The Pickling (Lost Map)

Lost Map have a nose for talent and this latest release is just lovely

Young Braves

1984 (Absorb)

1984 is four minutes of pure sonic joy.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Second Best (Novasound)

This second single from The Girl Who Cried Wolf is very promising indeed

The Rotations

Work is a Four Letter Word (795537 Records DK)

Another great release from The Rotations, who push garage rock into the double garage.

Errant Boy

A Downpour (Errant Media)

Another strident track from Errant Boy, the vibe is a wee bit West Coast of America

Romeo Taylor

King of Scotland (Lost Map)

“Banger” doesn’t even cover it, this is an epic rave anthem which could and probably will be the sound of this Scottish summer.


Let Go (Last Night From Glasgow)

So this is yet another LNFG release – BM may end up spending the rest of her days only reviewing LNFG stuff


Post Punk Days For The Abyss (Scottish Fiction)

Another great single from Acrylic – allegedly an homage to postpunk