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Single review

Sons of the Descent

Physics of Angels (Indie Through The Looking Glass)

This is a nice track to have in these times.


Techno Viking (bandcamp)

Out now, this track has to be heard. If you need to lose yourself in music in these dark times, this is it!

Near Death Experience

Conquer (Charisma Bypass)

‘Conquer’ is the first track I have had the pleasure to review from Near Death Experience.

Broken Chanter

Ambient 2 - Taking Mount Florida (By Strategy) (bandcamp)

After the success of ‘Ambient1’, David MacGregor (of Kid Canaveral and Broken Chanter repute) is back with another

Danny Smart

She’s Mine (self-released)

Danny Smart may be Yorkshire born and bred, but he has Nashville running through his veins.

Deacon Blue

The Lock Inn Session (earMUSIC)

You feel like you’re in the pub with Ricky Ross and co.

Hannah Slavin

Mac and Cheese (HS)

Glasgow’s Hannah Slavin has released this song, a dance anthem about lockdown

Wurrd Jenkins

Bardic Inspiration Dice (2000132 Records DK)

This is an interesting release… from a Scottish rapper with some very wide influences.

Gang of Four

Forever Starts Now (Gill Music)

Taken from a forthcoming EP, this is one of the last tracks that Andy Gill did with Gang of Four.

Carla J Easton

Get Lost / Touching the Sky (Olive Grove)

The new A-side from acclaimed Glasgow-based artist Carla J Easton is a true pop single