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Single review

Anna B Savage

A Common Tern (City Slang)

With her heart open and her cards on the table, Anna B Savage returns

Da Poloman ft. Sara Alavi

Love At First Sight (download)

Da Poloman and Sara Alavi have teamed up for one of the biggest hip hop releases to grace the airwaves this year.

The Illness with Steve West & Bob Nastanovich

Descending G / Phrases Redacted (Sea)

When you’re a new band fighting for every bit of media coverage it doesn’t do any harm to get some famous names on your side.


Frustration (download)

LZYBY is the pop newcomer whom everybody is talking about at the moment. Why?

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Out Of It (Bandcamp)

This is another release from the duo consisting of Lauren Gilmour and Audrey Tait

King Creosote

Susie Mullen / Walter de la Nightmare (Domino)

So good to have some new material from Kenny Anderson, and it is in the form of a double A side single

Heir of the Cursed

Holding Myself (bandcamp)

This is a great track from Dumfries-raised, Glasgow-based Beldina Odenyo Onassis

Jehnny Beth

We Will Sin Together (Universal)

Electrifyingly and powerfully so, Jehnny Beth offers an unforgettable experience with her single ‘We Will Sin Together’, defining herself as a dynamic contribution to the music of today.

Broken Chanter

Ambient 5 - The Shut it Assembly (Bandcamp)

Another month, another Broken Chanter ambient EP


Small Island (Lost Map)

This new track from Firestations is the first from a new EP entitled ‘Automatic Tendencies’ out in November. It is a summery and upbeat track, recalling some 60s psychedelia – guitars and keyboard (or mellotron?) in full effect and some wonderful chord changes, a giddy atmosphere… “Problems seem all left behind…” is in stark contrast […]