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Single review


Bathe (First Run)

Another track from Fauves, this a seven minute disco banger

Jill Lorean

Eyes on the Bird (JL)

This track is the precursor to JL’s EP, due in early May.

Savage Mansion

Weird Country (Lost Map)

The lead single from the forthcoming album of the same name is quite a belter…

Modern Studies

Heavy Water (Fire)

This single is the first track previewed from the forthcoming album ‘The Weight of The Sun’ (due out in May), and it is reassuringly Modern Studies-esque! There are gorgeous harmonies, a lifting chorus and some great atmospheric playing from this Glasgow/Lancashire four-piece. BM can also feel that this one is a bit of a grower, […]

Man Without Machines

The Grand Gestures remix EP (Chute)

The Man Without Machine fairly tampers with these tracks, and it is quite astonishing! And fair play to Grand Gestures mainman Jan Burnett for offering them up… First up is ‘Playing The Games’, which gives the original track (Celie Byrne and Calamity Horse) an electronic sheen and pumping backbeat, emphasising how good the original track […]

Peter Johnston

Yoko Ono EP (PJ)

This a great EP – witty, edgy and strummy

The Rotations

Over and Over (795537 Records DK)

This latest Rotations track, which precedes an album of the same name, is a bit of a departure from their in yer face guitar riffage


Fetching Pitchfork (Oscar Jam remix) (Traffic Cone)

This is a remix of the Girobabies’ excellent track ‘Fetching Pitchfork’ by Glasgow producer Oscar Jam

Check Masses

Lonesome Little Paradise (Triassic Tusk)

This the second single from Check Masses and is something of a reggae stomper

Mitchell Museum

Freakbeak (Scottish Fiction)

This is the first track from a forthcoming album ‘Skinny Tricks’, due in May, and it is slightly out there