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Berlin (bandcamp download)

This is a groovy track by a Scottish-based artist – instrumental, with some piano

Carla J. Easton

Never Knew You (Olive Grove)

This is the second new song from Glasgow-based singer songwriter Carla J Easton,


I'm Good (labelname)

This Scottish (Edinburgh-based Emily and Owen) combo have made waves on previous releases

Stanley Odd

FUWSH (odd)

Like the best Stanley Odd releases, this new track in just over 3 minutes delivers a suckerful of musical and lyrical punches second by second…


Heal (download)

Scaramanga have been busy with another new single after May’s ‘Simple Love’

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Out Of Interest (Big Scary Monsters)

A collection of demos from 2018’s album, ‘The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream’, it’s not quite clear why these three tunes didn’t make the cut

White Novels

There's No Happiness (White Novels Records)

West of Scotland-based Jackson Bestow (aka White Novels) has followed up his last single ‘On the Bottle’

The McKenzie Fix

Alone (TMF)

Lonely sounds that make for great company.

Broken Chanter

Ambient 3 (Here Come The Warm Regrets) (Bandcamp)

Another month, another Eno-esque title and this is the third BC ambient EP.

Ashley Singh

17 (AS)

’17’ is the captivating and charming new release from London based indie-pop singer Ashley Singh.