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MJ Hibbett

Burn It Down And Start Again : AAS free download

MJ Hibbett has been cropping up on this site almost as long as UK politics has been been turning into House of Cards (more…)


    Kid Canaveral»

    For a band who started off with a happy go lucky indie pop image, Kid Canaveral have travelled quite a distance in a relatively short time.

    Hifi Sean»

    Sean Dickson – you’ll remember him from his time as main man with C86-era Glasgow act the Soup Dragons.

    RM Hubbert»

    Following an early career which saw him work as part of a trio and release three albums in the space of ten years, guitarist RM Hubbert has become prolific. Now solo, but famed as much for his award-winning collaborations as his ‘post flamenco’ guitar, he’s a regular face on the Scottish gigging scene. Here, Betty […]


MJ Hibbett & The Validators

Lead track from ‘Still Valid’, the brand new album from the Peterborough combo. More at

long players

What Are We Fighting For
Sacre Noir»
Nothing Falls Apart
The Eastern Swell»
One Day, A Flood
Urusei Yatsura»
You Are My Urusei Yatsura
Teenage Fanclub»

Kid Canaveral»
Faulty Inner Dialogue

short players

Will Young»
Summer Covers EP
Jungles EP
Jungles EP
Charlotte Carpenter»
How Are We Ever to Know?
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Hyde and Beast»
Hard Times Good Times