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An End Has A Start

T in the Park at Balado : Words: Matt Shaw

Ten years ago I attended my first ever festival. It was, as it is for many Scottish teenagers, T in the Park. (more…)


    Ben Watt»

    It seems almost awkward to read this book at times. But then, what great autobiography is not difficult?

    The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler»

    We caught up with the cast of ‘The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler’ for a brief chat about their new play.

    Taking on the touts»

    Like many people, I tried and failed to get tickets for Kate Bush live in London when they went on sale recently. It was annoying, frustrating and just one of those things. I’m not the only person who never thought I’d see her live – and had hopes briefly raised when the dates were announced.


Gruff Rhys

Title track from the forthcoming album, film, book and app project inspired by 18th century explorer John Evans


The Tin Forest (National Theatre of Scotland)»
Glasgow South Rotunda
Aberdeen Lemon Tree
Owl John»
Edinburgh The Caves
T in the Park»
El Hombre Trajeado»
Glasgow Platform
Porto, Portugal

long players

Remember Remember»
Forgetting the Present
Broken Records»
Weights & Pulleys
Manic Street Preachers»
From Her Eyes»
Various Artists»
Bob Dylan in the 80s