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De Rosa

Spectre calls : with Mike Melville

Almost four years after announcing that they would be reforming, De Rosa finally release their third album ‘Weem’ on Mogwai’s Rock Action Records on Friday 22nd January.


    Albums of the year»

    It’s that time of year again – when we reveal the is this music? writers favourite albums of the year.

    The Monochrome Set»

    The redoubtable Bid has been fronting the singular Monochrome Set since, oh my goodness, a very long time anyway.

    The Mirror Trap»

    In 1971, eleven years after his death, ‘La Mort Heureuse’ (A Happy Death) by the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus was published.


They Might Be Giants

Week 32 of the duo’s Dial-A-Song 2015 project, and included on the upcoming kids album ‘Why?’, out at the end of November 2015.


Bert Inspired»
Celtic Connections @ Glasgow Old Fruitmarket
They Might Be Giants / BMX Bandits»
Celtic Connections @ Glasgow O2 ABC
Turin Brakes»
Celtic Connections @ Glasgow O2 ABC
Nectarine No.9 / Secret Goldfish / The Leopards»
Celtic Connections @ Oran Mor
A New International / Body Heat / Jim McAteer»
Glasgow Glad Cafe
The Wainwright Sisters»
Celtic Connections @ Glasgow CIty Halls

long players

Andrew Skeet»
Finding Time
Various Artists»
Songs Of Separation
Ost & Kjex»
Freedom Wig
Hanne Kolsto»
While We Still Have Light
They Might Be Giants»
The Leaf Library»
Daylight Versions

short players

Foo Fighters»
St Cecelia
One Little Indian
Hologram Teen»
Post-Apocalypteacakes / Tracksuit Minotaur
Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat»
DILF_77 Would Like To Chat
The Creeping Ivies»
The Witch House E.P.
Leonidas & Hobbes»
Mo’ Machines