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The Gaffer

Throw Me Off (download)

By • Sep 4th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Sometimes less is more.

The Gaffer – one man, and as his name suggests, very much in charge, it seems – does tunes, simple as that. ‘Throw Me Off’ is a love song, delivered in a rich Scots accent, and in an ’90s pop-rock style – think Weezer or Lemonheads fronted by well, someone a little closer to home.

The verse is powered by rumbling bass and carried by a twiddly wee keyboard line while its big tub-thumping chorus allows The Gaffer to deliver lines like “come on now girl, let’s go for a twirl” with a straight face and a stomping foot. Glorious.

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  1. I was not expecting to but i liked it a lot. Obviously casio’s always improve everything so it was wrong of me to have gone in so gloomily. Yes, 90s, but then the Wannadies were the best of the pop rockers and they loved a, actually it was that blowy keyboardy thing they used, cheesy keyboard. And i’m guessing the 90s are the new 80s? 8/10 (much better than lemonheads ffks), surprising and good middle eight, great chorus, perhaps, and it’s my tastes, recorded too perfectly?