Leo Fox

Freed By The Knife

The frontman of Edinburgh rockers Hagana has, we presume, missed making music with his alt.rock/grunge bandmates during lockdown. more… “Leo Fox”

Community Swimming Pool


Glasgow-based songwriter Brett McCann is building up a fair body of work – three singles in so many months and this, the follow-up to hazy summery ‘Number One’, sports understated guitar work recalling Vini Reilly and Roddy Frame.

And the song itself similarly has 80s pop feel, like Talk Talk in their pop phase but with multi-layered harmonies adding to the wash of sound. Maybe summer is actually on the way.


Savage Curios

“Exotica”, he calls it, and to be fair this five-track EP from the Glasgow-based producer couldn’t be more aptly titled. more… “Kusht”


Take Care

Since Johnny ‘Pictish Trail’ Lynch set up shop on for the Isle of Eigg, his Lost Map record label has become a home to the eclectic and sometimes exotic more… “Sulka”

Dean Owens feat. Joey Burns & John Convertino

The Desert Trilogy, Vol. 1: The Burning Heart

It will be lead single ‘New Mexico’ which gets the publicity and the plaudits, and to be fair if you team up with Calexico for a lockdown-inspired album that is inevitable.

“Want to go to New Mexico”, Owens intones as the distinctive drum chug and guitar work of Convertino and Burns soundtrack this lament. However, ‘Paul Newman’ is a great 90 seconds of spaghetti theme (‘Clint Eastwood’ surely?) and ‘Riverline’s almost filmic start completely belies the Edinburgh-based songwriter’s stereotypical description as a purveyor of Americana.

The EP is all very much themed around the desert even without the Calexico guys – “burning heart, burning sand?” goes one lyrical line, but ‘Tombstone Rose’ is more classic Owens in sound if not title and lyric – understated and complete, yet totally acoustic. But as part one of a trilogy, one suspects there’s much more to come.