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Born of the Jackal EP (Bandcamp)

By • Sep 3rd, 2020 • Category: Single review

Well – five tracks from Samuel J Smith, of Casual Sex and Mother and the Addicts.

As you might expect with someone as adaptable and talented, there’s not too much of these previous acts in this five-track EP, save the way with a tune and nifty production.

A toe-tapping title track opens, all electro with a funky edge. ‘Hsuan Passion’ is one for headphones, as synths flit across the soundscape, while there’s scratchy guitar reminiscent of the Banshees’ John McGeoch or Paul Research (Scars).

‘Bring Yer Army’ is much more (electro)pop, aping everyone from Sparks to Gaga and showing upcoming whippersnappers Walt Disco the way ahead (and yes, Smith does work at Green Door Studio in Glasgow alongside their producer Chris McCrory).

‘Concubine’ is another funk-laden hoedown but for listeners of a certain age, ‘Manchester 77’ might well be the biggest joy here, a slice of post-punk with a guitar riff to match the one Smith supplies for current Port Sulphur b-side ‘Green Water’. In all, something for everyone.

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