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Elisabeth Elektra

Mercurial (Occult Babes)

By • May 9th, 2020 • Category: Album review

This is an amazing record – BM has previously reviewed two EE singles but this album is the full monty, as it were!

Take ‘My Sisters’ – such a banger, mixing One Dove vs Basement Jaxx let us say, it just pumps away… and in any sane world would be a HIT…

‘My Armour’ is slower and references some 90s triphop but the harmonies take it above any references, when it just soars. It’s followed by ‘Inanna’, a mid-paced track, with a glorious chorus – Elisabeth is versatile and poppy when needs be…

Halfway in, ‘Sadie’ starts off minimalistic but builds into something rather strange, with bilious synths and other instrumentation – the percussion is slow but insistent, giving out nothing – “These days are too heavy for me”.

And from the middle of the record it is pretty much a home run – ‘Crystalline’ is catchy, minimalist, and another banger – full of effervescent ideas, the electronics supplementing EE’s voice perfectly.

‘Hypersthene’ is another great track, a BM is thinking a wee bit of Ladytron here, but it is just a reference – “for fans of” etc, because this is so highly original…

And ‘Scissors’ – oh my goodness, an electro hymm, to whom BM does not know but this is the real deal – lovely and disturbing in equal measures..

At this point in time BM cannae even spell track 9 (“it’s Hieroglyphic” – Ed.), but OMG it is a pure pop hit, like a HIT, or it should be…

And the last track ‘Obsidian’ is another potential hit – sounds like Bjork laced with Slam, or something – this album is wonderful and deserves to be shouted about way beyond this review – onwards and upwards for EE.

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