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Randolph’s Leap

Howling at the Sun (bandcamp download)

By • May 8th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Adam Ross has been very productive during lockdown , and this is another album – ten tracks in all – from the Leap’s frontman.

It includes reworked back catalogue and a bit of new stuff, with another version of recent song ‘Petrichor’ plus one entirely new song ‘Hautausmaa’.

Things start with ‘Cassie O’Tone’, a strumming ballad, and then ‘Conversation’, which has some great witty words and sounds like a put-down…

There are other great tracks on here, especially ‘Electricity’ and ‘Suitable’, an uplifting song which has a great chorus…

All done on his own, Adam plays all instruments and double tracks the vocals at times – some of these may have been offcuts from previous releases but it just shows the amount of material Mr Ross has up his sleeve at any given moment!

It is such a crying shame that the full RL live experience is on hold, but for the moment this is a very welcome addition to their releases…

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