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Marshall Chipped

A Stopped Clock (bandcamp download)

By • May 9th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Another artist who had planned a product launch which sadly had to be cancelled is Marshall Chipped, but this release is worth the £3 admission price on Bandcamp.

The title track is a great piece of indie guitar strum which recalls The Close Lobsters, and early REM amongst others; its refrain of “Stopped clock is more right than this” tapping into these times of powerlessness and confusion… it sounds really great, and it has a proper middle eight – an understated gem…

The two other tracks on the EP are acoustic – ‘Fractures’ and ‘Dreams Become a Fiction’ (the latter a stripped-back version of the title track from the trio’s previous EP). Both give a more low-key view of Marshall Chipped’s work via vocalist Marshall Chipped in solo mode, but both are gorgeous.

BM hopes that the band will get the chance to play these numbers live in the near future – this music deserves an audience!

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