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Einstellung are something of a musical oddity. Boasting the kind of name that brings to mind wild-eyed, fire-breathing krautrockers Rammstein, their artistic debts are instead owed to the likes of The Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. �Konstant� may be lent some local colour by the Germanic spelling, but we�ve been hearing this […]

The Maccabees

First Love (Polydor)

South Londoners The Maccabees not only have to contend with the hundreds of angry young men playing music in Lahndahn , they now have to live up to their tag of constantly being called the best new band in Britain. But rest assured �First Love� gives it a darn good shot. In fact, seldom do […]

Spider Simpson

Heavy Metal Machine ()

I�m not usually one to dwell on a bands� biography before listing to their tracks, but Spider Simpson�s achievements read like a leaf from the Holy Rock Bible itself. After submitting songs to a film soundtrack the guitar-based quartet found themselves supporting the Stereophonics on their 2005 tour. Not content with these mere triumphs, the […]


Bombs (Sony BMG)

This sounds a bit like every other Faithless song I have ever heard � nothing vocals and silly spoken word bit buried under enough production to sink a battleship. Still, if you�re worried you missed any of the track�s hidden depths there are a couple of remixes on the b-side for you to get your […]

James Morrison

The Pieces Don�t Fit Anymore (Universal)

As wet and uninspiring as a Glasgow day in January, �The Pieces Don�t Fit Anymore� is the latest slow-paced warbling from the gravel throated and tortured soul of James Morrison. It doesn�t seem different from his other stuff and it could pass for a Westlife song. Very poor indeed. Andy Reilly

Summer Holiday

U Can Have It All (Better Get)

A slightly off-kilter mix of Casio-keyboard drumbeats, rough-edged punky vocals and what appear to be crowds of cheering schoolkids, this is a tough one to review. It boasts a few great moments, but there�s also something jarring about the whole, slightly messy, mix. �U Can Have It All� would probably sound fantastic live, but in […]

Fools Circle

Blackpool Tower EP

The first of four on this EP starts promisingly, fusing washed out indie guitar picking with the melodic sensitivity of early Ash or Teenage Fanclub. The vocals are ropey, and the mix is a bit vocal heavy, but I�m quite enjoying it until I hit skip track, at which point I become exposed to a […]


Knights Of Cydonia (A&E)

The Magnificent Seven meets Mars Attacks! in the latest single from Mercury-nominated album Black Holes & Revelations, and not a moment too soon. Mixing Queen-style operatics with a sci-fi sensibility and that trademark Muse sound, this is the soundtrack to the weird battles that rage inside Matt Bellamy�s head. Supercharged, supernova, and just downright super, […]

Rob Sharples

So the Story Goes (Marrakesh)

Hailing from Bristol, Rob Sharples finds himself releasing his most recent EP on Marrakesh Records, the brainchild of Lizard King co-owner Dom Hardistry. It must be a match made in heaven, because this music is just lovely. Production and mixing is helmed by Paul Corkett (Bjork, Placebo, Nick Cave) who gently steers picked guitar arpeggios […]

Good Shoes

The Photos On My Wall (Brille)

Persevering with the jerking strut-rock that made �All In My Head� a surprise indie hit, Good Shoes continue to build their �next big thing� reputation with this short-but-sweet single. It might not have the instant appeal of their previous effort, but it�s still a particularly tasty slice of attitude-driven guitar pop. Put on your most […]