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Dot Allison

The wanderer returns (ten questions)

It would be fair to say Dot Allison has undergone something of a rebirth.

Monica Queen

Playing the part (ten questions)

Hear the name Monica Queen and you may think of her work firstly with Thrum, or more recently Tenement and Temple

Chris Connelly

Cause for celebration (ten questions)

Music and poetry often go hand-in-hand, but it’s safe to say that a Booker prize-nominated Orcadian and a member of a US-based industrial rock supergroup are unlikely to feature together on many album credits.

Paul Research

Going the extra mile (ten questions)

For many music fans of a certain vintage, the guitar work on the seminal Scars album ‘Author Author’ is as an iconic part of post-punk

John Rush

life under lockdown (10 Qs with Betty Mayonnaise)

John Rush has been bubbling under for a while now, with last album ‘Under the Apple Tree’.

The Iain Duncan Smiths

Politically correct (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

The Iain Duncan Smiths have been prodding the political establishment for a few years now

The Wayne Devro Set

What's in a name? (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

The Wayne Devro Set is the moniker of Brian Docherty, at one point the artist formerly known as Scientific Support Dept.

Documenting the Yellow Movement

- with Chris McGill (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

Our writer Ms Mayonnaise has often looked to the small screen for inspiration for her writing

Music is Torture

Louise Quinn (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

itm?’s investigator-in-chief has always boasted of a thespian bent, so it was no surprise that she was drawn to the latest theatrical outing from Dawnings.

A. Wesley Chung

what's in a name? (10 questions)

Glasgow-based Californian songwriter A. Wesley Chung may not be the most familiar name, but that’s because he usually works under a range of alter-egos – when solo, it’s under the pseudonym of The Great Albatross