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Music is Torture

Louise Quinn (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

By • Jun 17th, 2017 • Category: Feature

itm?’s investigator-in-chief has always boasted of a thespian bent, so it was no surprise that she was drawn to the latest theatrical outing from Dawnings.

To be precise, A Band Called Quinn have followed up their giant bunny-featuring Edinburgh festival hit ‘Biding Time (remix)’ by treading the boards again, now under the band’s new Dawnings banner.

Ms Mayonnaise puts her best foot forward and treads the boards with Louise Quinn…

1. So Louise, you wrote this piece “Music is Torture” which BM saw at The Tron – how did this come about?

I met up with my cousin, musicologist Dr Morag J Grant around fives years ago and she told me about her research on music torture. I was pretty gobsmacked to hear about music being used in such a way. At the time we were making Biding Time (remix), which was about the exploitation of music as commodity;Morag’s research looked into The exploitation of music for much darker purposes.

Biding Time (remix) was influenced by my experience of being signed to a major label; Music Is Torture is almost like a sequel to Biding Time (remix); the story of someone who’s been signed and dropped by a major label and is faced with a monstrous moral dilemma.

2. The band (your band) get quite a hard time during this 70 or so minute show – did you have to bring them onside for this? There is a lot of songus interruptus with the main character repeatedly cutting yous off in mid-flow, for dramatic porpoises…

No – they love the actoring now!

3. There is some new ABCQ material in the show, and it sounded good – will this get an official or a “soundtrack” release?

Dawnings started off as a fictional band but are a real proposition now with a self-titled album and single, Activate It. The album is picking up plays on 6Music and the single added to the 6Music Recommends playlist. The show and album got a big-up from Radcliffe and Maconie!

4. You also personally get quite a hard time as the singer of the band, although you get some withering putdown lines as well(well you wrote ’em!) – was the self-deprecation cathartic in some way?

Yes, it’s all based on my own experiences. I think some people think you’re on an ego trip being creative but it takes a lot to put yourself out there…

5. And the sexism displayed by the so-called “friend” of the main protagonist – was that based on real experiences?

Yes. It’s tame compared to the actual sexism and misogyny I’ve experienced.

6. ABCQ have been a “ting” for quite some years now – what have been the highs and lows for you, and your band members?

Too many to mention but I think touring Serbia was a definite high, making music videos, multimedia shows, touring to Brazil and having Ian Rankin write sleeve notes for us.

7. BM has always held a metaphorical torch for ABCQ – what of the future? BM would love to see live dates, have you considered smaller festivals for example?

Thank you! We’d love to do Music Is Torture at next year’s fringe and yes, get some dates for Dawnings!

8. Any advice for people starting out in the big bad world of showbiz- aside from the usual cliches!

Don’t listen to anyone and also perhaps get a trade like plumbing or plastering to support your music for when you’re not playing stadiums!

9. Influences past and present – give BM one old record and one new(ish) record which has/have caught your attention.

William Onyeabore and Beach House.

10. Ok, classic Smash Hits question (BM has been reading the Sylvia Paterson autobiog, a riveting read, hilarious and tragic by equal measures) – describe your footwear at this moment!

Black ankle socks.Chillin’ out in the hotel after playing Eden Court!

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