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Pictish Trail

Dream Wall (Fire)

By • Feb 19th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Eigg-based musical maverick and Lost Map label-boss Johnny Lynch, aka Pictish Trail, has a new a new EP due out in April and ‘Dream Wall’ is the lead single form it.

The track starts off low-key, with lyrics about waiting for inspiration before sleep. The background drones are joined by guitar riffs, with a reference to “Cellardyke Harbour”, while the percussion is muted.

This is more of a folk influenced track than the most recent ‘Thumb World‘ album, although there are quirky traces of electronica as well. The vocals also channel some earlier Beta Band tracks, part of a local tradition, if you will!

It meanders to a conclusion, quite experimental in its own way, and to BM’s mind an interesting and reflective bye-way towards something different.

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