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Freya Alley

Big Wild World (Spinnup)

By • Feb 19th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Freya Alley is back, and the London based songstress delivers once again with her new dark pop gem ‘Big Wild World’.

Cited to become one of the biggest names in ambient pop, Freya drives ahead with authority. She sounds remarkable with her vocal oozing confidence, and her storytelling ability thrives as the track progresses.

Explaining her self clearly from the very start, Freya sings about a topic which many will find relevant. She feels like a pawn in a chess game, often ignored by a lover who never truly understands her. She feels alone, and this song is her way of getting through to the one she admires the most.

Musically, the piano arrangement is bold, and it has a deep tone which brings a cinematic aura to the top of the piece. It also delves deep into the ambient pop space with many sounds climbing out and leaving an indent.

The entire track brings a fresh perspective to pop, and it grows into a colossal hit with the structure regularly delving down new roads. Furthermore, it opens with a smooth yet shaded situation, but it grows and becomes even more fearless towards the closing stages. The beat picks up the entire piece with open arms after the midsection, and it races towards the finish line with an unmistaken strength. It almost feels as though Freya is emerging from her previous experiences, and she is ready for the next chapter.

Overall, the innovative approach Freya has taken here is paying off. She crafts a position of her own in a very competitive space, and she stands out with a character which is undoubtedly going to take her far.

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Freya Alley · Big Wild World (PREVIEW)

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