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Idlewild – one of Scotland’s most enduring acts as well as one of the country’s most popular exports – are set to make a rare visit to Fife as they play Tigerfest at the Dunfermline’s Carnegie Hall on Saturday 17th May.

We say ‘rare’ but in fact, while the band haven’t played Dunfermine in some time, they are regular visitors to the Kingdom. “We spend quite a bit of time collectively as a band in Fife,” vocalist Roddy Womble reveals. “It’s where we have a practice space, and where we recorded our last album Make Another World.” Indeed, the band practiced for the ‘Warnings/Promises’ tour in Glenrothes Town Hall. “It’ll be nice to play a proper concert in Fife, especially since our pals Foxface are playing with us. Always a good live band.”

That Glasgow-based 3-piece, guests alongside local act The Scottish Enlightenment, are not simply friends of Idlewild. The 3-piece been known to also provide support for Woomble’s solo work, whose folky leanings are far removed from Idlewild’s more recent releases. A solo album written with Kris Drever and John McCusker is titled ‘Before The Ruin’ and is out in September.

Before that, however, the rather more ‘rock’ day job, albeit within the salubrious confines of the Carnegie Hall. “I like seated venues. ” Woomble smiles. However, fans of the back-to-roots recent album won’t be disappointed either. “We still ‘rock out’, but in a way that befits five 31 year olds, as opposed to four 19 years olds who threw themselves about carefree.”

New material, it seems, is only a “maybe”, but the band will ensure that their hard-core fans aren’t disappointed. “We’re going to play a few b-sides and some album tracks that we don’t often play, to give the audience something different to hear.” Which should please their hard-core fans. “A lot of people know our name and we have a loyal fan base so people aren’t just coming to hear one particular song,” he points out. And the Carnegie Hall is rather far-removed from the venues they’re more used to? “I’m happy on a small stage or a large one… and we’ll play some acoustic tunes to make people enjoy their seats.”

Idlewild / Foxface / The Scottish Enlightenment
@ Dunfermline Carnegie Hall
Saturday 17th May
Tickets: 01383 602302 or at

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