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For Inhumanity (HQFU)

By • May 3rd, 2018 • Category: long players

Much anticipated new material from Sarah J. Stanley, aka Glasgow’s HQFU. This 7 track effort is a soundtrack to some visuals and starts quite gloomy and synthy with instrumental ‘Intro’, then we get into ‘Inhumanity1’, more looping patterns which build up to stabbing keyboards and a mid-tempo percussion backing. About halfway through the track breaks down and mutates, slightly like Factory Floor in their less brutal moments.

‘Aberration’ is more upbeat, four to the floor, with a great riff, slightly trancey and very catchy. ‘Rainfall’ has a hint of mid-late period New Order, very processed beats, but with another very catchy synth lead theme.

More than halfway through and BM is thinking, no vocals, or speech, bit of a shame that…but ok it’s a soundtrack and have not seen the visuals. ‘Inhumanity2’ starts very sparsely, but has a funkier feel to it, a bit like some earlier HQFU like ‘Cashle$$ Lips$’ and ‘Secret Pursuits’ continues this, albeit with slower BPM but it fairly crackles along as well.

Last track ‘Screams’ is a bit more experimental and some excellent build-ups, and completes this mini-album of electronic instrumentals.

So all in all very dark and enthralling, this is HQFU’s take on ambient techno, which is a surprise after there was more guitar and singing at last year’s West End Festival live outing but there you go, it’s a soundtrack!

There’s at least one live date announced (with the visuals) – you won’t be disappointed.

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