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Breakfast Muff

Crocodile EP (Prawnshelle)

By • May 3rd, 2018 • Category: short players

After a sparky debut album last year, Glasgow’s Muff follow it up with a punchy 4 track EP which fizzes, swings and attacks in equal measures. Eilidh, Simone and Cal make a glorious racket, recording this EP in one day and swapping instruments when it suits them.

Track one ‘You’re Not Written In My Stars’ is a very sarcastic put-down song, with a minor riff but a very catchy chorus, a bit Franz Ferdinand in fact. Great harmonies as well and a great ending with squalling guitars.

Title track ‘Crocodile’ blends cute melodies with raging riffs and a shouty chorus. Next up is “Used”, a bit more brooding and slow tempo, the guitar riffs a distant relative of Sleater-Kinney perhaps.

Finally, ‘Patient’ has more male vocal on it than the others and more rifferama. Like the others, the subject matter “losing job, seeing the doctor” is not exactly cause for celebration but you’d have thought by the laughter and clapping at the end that it was!

This lot are going from strength to strength…

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