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Fire In The Radio

Monuments (Wednesday)

By • Apr 21st, 2020 • Category: Album review

There is nothing like a bit of true and direct music for when you are in lockdown.

There are eleven songs here. Each one is short and sharp and urgent. The opener, L’et’s Get To The Start’ sets pace and agenda beautifully.

Fire and thunder and rain cascade down the ears. These guys are angry about the state of their lives. You can feel the pressure shifts as the beats accelerate. You have also felt the joy so you need the anger to go with it.

Songs such as ‘Rewind’ and ‘I Said’ have clearly been designed to get the hips shaking and the heart pounding. It is tough and sweet in the right places and it makes sure you will remember it long after the last notes have finished ringing out in your ears.

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