Fall To Pieces

This is one of those albums that is fantastically stealthy. Just when you think that one track is finished, you are heading over to the stereo to find out what has happened.

It is great when albums do this, because it makes you want to listen again. You are sure you have missed something.

It is also, through the use, sparingly, of female vocalists, quite a sexy record. Each word of every lyric is drawn out and savoured by the singer. It means that you can do the same. A shared experience.

It is nice to hear Tricky playing to his strengths. There is real power in his voice and real definition to the words that he delivers. The sounds behind him shade, soothe, coax, tempt and challenge as the song dictates.

Calling All Astronauts


If songs such as ‘Divided States Of America’ were not written in the past few weeks then these guys deserve the award for Prophets Of The Year. Lyrics like shut down/lock down/close the door are truly fearsome in their abrasiveness and timeliness.

They’re also a bit funky in their guitar work. This is particularly true of album standout ‘Resist’ and lyrics such as give them the future that they deserve/A world for the many/And not just the few.

It has the grit, grime, sound and vibe of a real, sweaty underground rock club gig from somewhere like CBGBs or The Boardwalk. A true blast of adrenaline and politics, then, which should get us all fired up nicely for coming out of lockdown. As well as being a damned fine album.