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Bossy Love

Whiplash EP (Bossy Love)

By • Feb 7th, 2019 • Category: short players

Glasgow’s might Bossy Love have a new EP, and it is more muscular, more righteous than ever.

Opening tune ‘Up All Over Me’ continued the Bossy DNA of grooves, burbling electronica and going-all-out vocals. And the bassline isn’t too bad either…

‘No Control’ is a bit more sparse, but the electronics which back the vocals are parping and magnificent – the dynamics are great, and as the track lumbers on we are talking about something more like a torch song, recalling Soft Cell’s finer moments, praise indeed! BM also needs to mention that this is dance music, with massive beats and made for moving about, and for some tidy remixes which these tracks are all very ripe for…

The title track i.e. ‘Whiplash’ is classic BL, jumpy and summery, even in bloody January – there are shades of Tom Tom Club here, always a good thing in BM’s opinion…

Closer ‘Be Yours’ could be seen as a bit more experimental to start with, but soon just gets down to the groove – is this Glasgow’s answer to Ronnie Spector backed by Massive Attack, or something – whatever it is, it is highly infectious.

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