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This Is Not The End (By The Time It Gets Dark)

By • Feb 7th, 2019 • Category: long players

This is not an album to bask in peacefully and pastorally. There is a real sharpness to each song here. Each one is designed to snag your attention. It’s a set of raw slivers and slices of life.

The slight problem here is that the bands’ voice can get swamped by their influences. They spend too long wanting to be their heroes and not enough wanting to be themselves.

This can result in two or three songs sounding a bit samey and losing their intended impact. Which can leave you, the listener, feeling a bit frustrated and wanting something more.

However, being their live set transported (basically) to the studio, this is a very tight set. Twelve songs fly by in 49 minutes and not one outstays its welcome.

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