short players (Scottish) Single review

Alex Tronic

This latest release from the Scottish dance music polymath that is Alex Tronic (or Paul Croan, to his Mum) is the funkiest disc these ears have heard in a long time. Lead track, ‘Panic Attack’, positively spits fire and is sure to have dancefloors around Europe and the UK burning up this summer. It is ably backed up by ‘Psychedelic Sunday’, ‘Back In The Room’ and the wonderfully titled ‘Slappa Doobie’. Each brings its own distinctive edge and flavour to the party without ever treading on the toes of its discmates. This makes for a very tight set which makes you feel as though you are in the calm eye of some perfect sonic storm. This stands up as a very good disc in its own right, with attitude and agenda it puts right in your face. It also serves as a perfect introduction to the world of Alex Tronic and a very good advert for his forthcoming second album.