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Alex Tronic

To Infinity (Alex Tronic)

By • Feb 13th, 2009 • Category: long players

There’s a real air of celebration present here, as this disc marks the 10th album released on Alex Tronic Records. The set’s sheer tightness alone is breathtaking. Tracks are there for just long enough for you to get into them before ending. This means you immediately want to hear them again. Every track is crisp with a real vibrancy at its centre. There are neither monotonous solos nor tracks which you have to be “on one” to get. The whole set is laced with hooks which draw you in and undercurrents to ensure you damned well stay there.
This is enhanced by the inclusion of guest performers, most notably Erik Tricity, guitarist with Scots noise-filth heroes Metal Tech. He laces tracks with a serrated viscerality which slices through the ear canals with manic joy.
Tronic has pulled off that rare trick of blending familiarity with innovation. It sounds truly delicious. Forty nine minutes pass by in half that time and the immediate inclination is to hit the play button and live through it all once more. Memories of your favourite song have already formed long before this disc has stopped spinning. That means it’s one for the end-of-year polls already.

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