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Scottish Hiphop Artists for Equality

No Justice No Peace (bandcamp)

By • Jun 27th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Organised by the inestimable Steg G, this is a blast of a journey through current Scottish hiphop artists, each contributing a track, with proceeds going to The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, with mission statement as follows:
“The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights works to eliminate racial discrimination and harassment and to promote racial justice across Scotland.”

There is an incredible diversity of artists here, 21 tracks in all, starting with one of Solareye’s angriest and most effective diatribes ever (‘WHERETONOW’), although it does dissolve into laughter at the end. Other tracks include another searing shard of spitting lines from Shogun (‘Know’), he just keeps getting better….

Steg G gets coverage himself with some pretty near to the knuckle (“See it in their eyes” – Steg G and the Freestyle Master) lines, to a memorable backbeat…

There are too many others to namecheck the lot but later highlights include Loki’s ‘Run To It’, which starts with some great acoustic guitar, but quickly heads into some dark moments….

Empress has a track “Don’t Tell Me” about her own devotion to hiphop as a life…while Wurrd Jenkins’ ‘Oan an Oan’ kicks up quite a fuss, minimalist synth and beats until the chorus which has the feel of vintage Beastie Boys….

Last track is from Jackal Trades, ‘Triangular Trades’ which attempts to address Glasgow’s own racial history – righteous and clever, complete with Pink Floyd references! “Merchant City’s paved with lives of slaves…”.

This review has only scratched the surface of this collection and much respect to Steg G for pulling it together – BM advises you to support this good cause, and enjoy the music.

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