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Maya Maya

Fever Pitch (MM)

By • May 28th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Motherwell three-piece Maya Maya have released their new track ‘Fever Pitch’ – available to buy on bandcamp, and stream via Spotify.

Although the track was written over a year ago, band members Clara Robb, Tony Millar and Scott Anstruther decided to release it in late April of 2020 due to its relevance to the country’s current state of lockdown.

Guitarist Tony Miller creates a suspenseful, ominous sound with the repetitive riffs which open the song and feature throughout. These are soon accompanied drums, alongside Anstruther on bass, and Robb on vocals. Each of these sonic aspects of the track work together in order to bring depth, and suspense, to the song.

The lyrics are almost prophetic of our current circumstances under the threat of coronavirus. Robb sings of heightened emotions such as fear, solitude and panic. The descriptions of hysteria and impending chaos are explicit throughout the entirety of the track. ‘Fever Pitch’ may, in time, act as a clear reminder of the turbulent, and concerning times we find ourselves in.

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