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Let It Come Down

Monday (Shimmy Disc)

By • May 20th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This is the new project from Kramer, an NYC based artist and musician whose playing and production credits, all the way from the ’70s is pretty fearsome. He has teamed up with Scotland-based (at least at times) Xan Tyler for an album, out in June, and this is the first track from it.

Immersive and gorgeous, it sounds like the missing link between Julee Cruise and One Dove, with Xan’s vocals shimmering over a low-key but honed production which also recalls Anne Dudley’s arrangements for countless artists…

It opens with just an acoustic guitar strumming and Xan’s incredible vocals, emoting about how “Monday is gone” before more synth backing kicks in… no percussion to speak of, no matter…

A long track, almost six minutes, it never loses focus as more layers of instrumentation are revealed – gentle but insistent, the mood is bucolic, a bit melancholy and deeply moving.

An astounding track, and project, if this first taste of it is anything to go by…

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