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Hailey Beavis

Stranger Inside (OK Pal)

By • Jan 16th, 2020 • Category: Single review

OK Pal Records – also home to Faith Eliott – are establishing themselves in Scotland and this marks a pretty beguiling release, a female singer-songwriter based in Edinburgh with a bit of a knack for a melody and a voice that’s a bit breathy, but convincing…

There’s piano, bass and drums and all that but there is something BM can’t quite put a finger on as well – that alchemy of what makes a good song, maybe it is the classy middle eight, or the fiddle entering just after that.

It is very evocative of… something, maybe just pure nostalgia, and has the potential to be a bit of a crossover hit, like Emilia Sande or similar, and in fact the last few chord changes on the piano during the fadeout are the most promising thing, hinting perhaps of darker things to come.

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