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Drever McGuire Young / Kent DuChaine

Glasgow Oran Mor (Wednesday 22nd January)

By • Jan 25th, 2014 • Category: gig reviews

Kent DuChaine took the audience in Òran Mór on a journey through his roots in the blues, with a set that was at times as much storytelling as music.

Kent DuChaine

His entertaining performance explored how melodies that came from Scotland and from Ulster Scots became songs of worship then crossed the pond and found their way into the blues.
DuChaine shared with us the stories of how each song has been handed onto him and now onto us.

Drever McGuire Young

Drever McGuire Young showcased songs from their upcoming album Gifts, and sharing tales of their recent adventures to far flung places with a couple of old fan favourites thrown in for good measure.

Drever McGuire Young

Like their support act they entertained with some entertaining tales – who’d have known that in Moscow they were so fond of press conferences?
The trio’s songs weaved around good old fashioned songwriting, their performances peppered with genuinely hilarious on-stage banter.

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