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Da Poloman ft. Sara Alavi

Love At First Sight (download)

By • Oct 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Da Poloman and Sara Alavi have teamed up for one of the biggest hip hop releases to grace the airwaves this year. The new single ‘Love At First Sight’ is everything which you would come to expect from the artists of this calibre.

The vocal arrangement is awe-inspiring. So much so, I am finding myself coming back to this release time and time again. It kicks off with a gentle vocal performance from frontwoman, Sara. She sings with an otherworldly tone which left me lost for words. Her emotion is real, and she pierces her way through her delivery with the utmost confidence.

Da Poloman leaps out in the first verse. He raps with dignity, and his performance again is difficult to criticise. Furthermore, he puts New Jersey rap back at the top of the genre, and although he does take hints from a variety of sources, he still sounds fresh with unique character. Cleverly, his rap radiates well the traditional singer technique put on display by Sara. They both adopt very different approaches to music here, but between them, they synergise well, and many artists could only dream for a more successful collaboration.

Musically, there is plenty of talking points. Moreover, it contains a sturdy foundation with a backbeat which matches the other tracks in the modern hip hop space. But, it also comes with a pop-esque flavour giving the track a new taste to relish. Also, it drives forward with might, and it often picks us up and takes us on an unforgettable experience.

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