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I'm Good (labelname)

By • Jul 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This Scottish (Edinburgh-based Emily and Owen) combo have made waves on previous releases and this sounds even better!

Opener ‘Not With You’ is an electro monster complete with massive beeps, twinkling synths and the righteous vocals of Emily… a dance smash, except no one can really dance to it at the moment.

‘Skindeep’ follows on, with some shades of Bossy Love (a good thing!) and Metronomy (also good)…

There are squelches and squeaks, along with some great electronic parping which would put The Pet Shop Boys to shame…

The third and last track ‘Good On My Own’ is also punchy as a punch in the head, and channels Charli XCX among others. A blast of an EP!

BM thoroughly enjoyed Chuchoter live at Doune last year and hopes that we can get some more of them live as soon as possible, once the war is over…

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