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Campfires in Winter

We'll Exist (Emubands)

By • Jun 20th, 2014 • Category: short players

Here’s the latest release from the next generation of Scottish guitar talent, Campfires in Winter. It follows on from other EPs and singles released over the past year (starting with ‘White Lights’, along with fairly extensive gigging from these natives of Croy in central Scotland).
They’ve actually been playing together since 2004 and released a debut EP back in 2010 so are not exactly newcomers, and sounded good in the big space at Oran Mor last summer at the West End Festival All-Dayer
On first listen I have to say it sounds a bit generic – some FR-style riffing, a shouty slighty Biffy-esque chorus, the now obligatory Scotch-accented singing etc.
A couple more plays and this track does yield a bit more, especially the opening bars and verse but I think it’s just a bit too keen to be anthemic for its own good. It’s got some promising guitar playing and some reasonably interesting lyrics but I think they may need to be a bit more to get their heads above the pack in the currently very crowded Scottish guitar bands market.

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