How To Put Your Hat On

During ‘Set It Alight’, vocalist Fionn Crossan self-deprecatingly asserts: “Never had a thought that really felt like it was mine.” It’s a theme that is subtly reinforced throughout this strong debut album more… “Kilgour”

Pet Needs

Intermittent Fast Living

Pet Needs feel wonderfully anachronistic – like a transplant of bygone ’00s styles that were popular with teenagers then largely disappeared. more… “Pet Needs”

Bob Mould

Edinburgh Liquid Room

Solo electric is a tough and lonely gig. Despite being the most ubiquitous of instruments in the rock world, it’s rare to see it being used in a solo setting more… “Bob Mould”

Martin Rev

The Sum Of Our Wounds (Cassette Recordings, 1973-1985)

‘The Sum of our Wounds’, a typically dark and dramatic title that you’d expect from someone whose most famous gig is as half of Suicide, doesn’t give much away. more… “Martin Rev”

Vinny Peculiar

How I Learned To Love The Freaks

From the clichéd album cover, through every song title, there’s little subtlety regarding the theme of Vinny Peculiar’s 13th album. more… “Vinny Peculiar”