Meg Baird

Dear Companion

I have to confess that I was really excited to receive this album. Espers second album II is one of my favourite releases of the last few years. In contrast to the heavily textured psychedelic folk of Baird’s main band though, Dear Companion is an incredibly sparse, stripped down affair more… “Meg Baird”



Quique is one of those albums that I find entirely impossible to categorise or even to sum up in words. Fourteen years on from its initial release it still sounds both out of time and timeless. more… “Seefeel”

Thomas Truax

Why Dogs Howl At The Moon

The pop world loves novelty and madness but it can be a fine line between being perceived as innovative quirky and as just plain annoying. Thankfully Thomas Truax largely avoids the latter although on initial plays I had my doubts. True, his rich voice and inflections may not be to everyone’s liking. Combined with the, at times, surreal lyrics and the information that he builds and utilises his own curious instruments you may be excused the need to run a mile to avoid this album but, hang in with me here… more… “Thomas Truax”

The Voices

The Sound Of Young America

If ever an album title was set out to mislead the listener, this one would take on and defeat all-comers. A more apt (but less catchy) title would be The Sound Of Young Britain circa 1989-1991. more… “The Voices”