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Scissors For Lefty

Underhanded Romance (Rough Trade)

By • Dec 2nd, 2006 • Category: Album review

Overly mannered vocals, de-rigueur disco beats, spiky New Wave guitars… Scissors For Lefty have all the latest zeitgeist elements down pat. That ‘zeitgeist’ literally translates as ‘time ghost’ is apt as the sounds of Scissors For Lefty seem to have wafted into the present day buoyed up by the spirits of long gone gigs at CBGB’s (itself now a ghost) and late night Talking Heads and Roxy Music sessions. Right now there is nothing exciting or original about their music to cause me to offer much beyond a ‘they’re ok’ recommendation, but give them a couple of years and Brian Eno behind the mixing desk and they could go onto make a classic artpop album. Whether they get that chance remains to be seen, and possibly rests on the success of their debut.

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