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A fresh new year brings fresh new music, and Zipten smashes through the new year doors with his latest release, ‘Midnight Walk’.

Taking us to a realm where only calm and tranquil vibes exist, he excites with an experimental electronic delivery, and it is challenging to refuse. Following on from a successful 2020, Zipten takes us deeper into his thought-process with plenty of new sounds popping out of this piercing mix.

The follow-up to December’s ‘Volcano Sunset‘ kicks off with a gradual opener which sticks out with a warmth texture which soothes with an ambient aura. A synth pad then whirls around with echoing effect, and a serene guitar riff picks up the pace and takes us forward with a unique quality.

As the track advances, we hear Zipten often take a step back with the mix becoming distant. However, the energy gets flowing again with a new flavour with the beat driving us through to the finish line impeccably. Nonetheless, I feel that a little more structure changes could have helped keep the excitement rolling. It is a trick which I have witnessed a lot with Zipten’s previous hits, but yet he takes a more condensed route here. Although, towards the latter; a piano arrangement does get us gripping on again with the bold position.

Overall, ‘Midnight Walk’ is the perfect track for the lockdown days. It gives an instant endorphin rush despite it staying chill for the most part. It also stands out to the rest of the electronic noise that is appearing in the modern game.

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