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Cube Escape (download)

By • Nov 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Zipten is talk of the town at the moment due to his new release ‘Cube Escape’ which is spreading around the electronic realms like wildfire.

Starting we hear a powerful kick drum forming the path ahead, and all the guns blaze from the instant. Furthermore, a rising bass synth gradually meets the surface of the mix and a harrowing reverb leaps forward and fastens us into our seat.

Suddenly, after the opening, the track takes an entirely new direction, and the drum rhythm picks up the pace with some of the sounds audible in the overture dropping back. Also, a shaker takes the limelight with a dance vibe popping to the top with a cadence which will have even your grandparents shaking their hips.

As the track progresses, it becomes impossible not to sway to its nail-biting texture. However, just as you find yourself getting stuck into the mix, it suddenly reroutes down another path, and it boasts solemn moments with joyous intervals, which is quite the paradox. Nevertheless, it is what I relish most about this track, it does not know where it belongs, and as a result, it swings all over the place but for all the right reasons.

Overall, ‘Cube Escape’ takes us into outer space with its tranquil arrangement and omnipotent foundation. Also, it has just about something for everybody with plenty of sounds making the mix despite its short length. Additionally, the direction which Zipten heads down is revitalising, given that he often changes his path, and it keeps the excitement flowing from start to finish.

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