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Young Guns

Glasgow 02 ABC (Sunday October 14th)

By • Oct 26th, 2012 • Category: gig reviews

The annual Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Music Night tour arrived to Glasgow’s 02 ABC in October with British rock group Young Guns headlining all dates.
The five-piece have previously had the privilege of performing support slots on sold out tours with well-known artists such as Lostprophets and All Time Low, in which consequently it was only a matter of time before the group snapped up several of their own headline tours upon the release of their second album ‘Bones’.
Young Guns

Young Guns managed to accumulate a rather impressive amount of fans for their set as they kicked straight into many of their favourable hits including ‘Dearly Departed’ and ‘The Weight Of The World’. The intense reaction from the crowd measured in heavy through their second song with many crowdsurfers taking over the photo pit and as a result all photographers were ushered out of the area by security for safety reasons. In the middle of their performance the audience had the opportunity to provide their own choice for the next track with a roar of applause for the song they would like to hear the most from the group’s 2009 EP ‘Mirrors’ adding for an extra point of entertainment factor to the night.
Young Guns
Finishing off their animated set with a notably powerful version of single ‘Bones’, vocalist Gustav Wood proved his ability to be one of rock’s most inspiring frontmen at present, whilst the track undoubtedly implemented one of the most outstanding crowd responses all night with the group accomplishing an all around extraordinary performance. It’s safe to say that the group have a massive following in the UK and we can certainly only see Young Guns go from strength to strength within the next few months as they complete their tour with Vans.

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