Single review

You Love Her Coz She’s Dead

The first song I heard from You Love Her Coz She’s Dead was ‘Superheroes’, most likely because it was featured on Skins. This sumptuous, fast-paced, filth barrage suited this abrasive wave of shocktronica that culminated in bands like Hadouken gaining quite a bit of momentum. The impressive duo – Elle and Jay – have now embarked on a self-titled debut, the results of which are a collection of re-worked and brand new tracks.

Opening track ‘Leap Of Desire I’, stays true to their conventional electronic sound; a sound derivative of Crystal Castles or Katy B, or at least somewhere in-between. Overall, a very strong opening track from the duo.

‘Mud’ sees the inevitable progression into dubstep, but the high-frequency wobbles are tastefully kept to a minimum. This track features Sucker Twin, which is quite confusing because Sucker Twin is apparently a side-project that features Jay and his sister Bella, with an EP planned for the future.

‘Blinded’ shows a real transition the band have made into an established act, this track is up to the standards of Justice or Boys Noize with grimey basslines and an abundance of filthy electronica.

Although this is an impressive debut from the Brighton-based band, you’ve got to wonder if this record is five years too late to an electronic scene that has progressed significantly. There’s no denying it’s good but it is slightly out of touch; more tracks like ‘Softer Cell’ or ‘Mud’ would’ve been more receptive and a bit more viable.

Let’s not take away from their album though, it will appease their fans with the healthy dose of electronic filth that’s present throughout the whole album. Maybe Sucker Twin will be a contemporary version of YLHCSD, only time will tell.