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Wurrd Jenkins

Merge The Schools (Easy Brer 1383)

By • Aug 9th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Originally arriving in a compacted ZIP file which lists the tracks in alphabetical order, quite how these tracks from this Scottish rapper are supposed to be sequenced is a bit of a mystery.

Wuurd Jenkins here gives us eleven (or so!) tracks of immersive hiphop and rap, spitting words to a combination of fairly brutal (‘Apocalyse Partaay’) and processed (‘Ainbrainz’) backbeats.

WJ can certainly string them words together, from witty to anything, he covers lockdown, Scottish rappers, sometimes blustering, sometimes reflective, other times incisive.

‘Baron Von Mockit’ is hilarious and funky, while ‘Baw Brakin” is raw as feck…

‘Coal Road Soul’ references the miners’ strike with a great guitar sample – ‘Flee Soothe’ has a great backing track, while the next few tracks continue in the same vein…

‘Oan and Oan’ is a full-on attack, like Scotland’s answer to Public Enemy – impressive.

BM is not an expert on Scottish rap but would say this is pretty original – WJ cuts a distinctive figure and BM is not going to make any comparisons… but would say he is a true contender, one of a handful of artists in the field (and it is not completely segregated from other music out there) who are doing great work….

A great record, development from the last one, and as always BM is gutted not to be able to see WJ live anytime soon….

And the title? – BM did not pick up a reference to it on the album itself… but what a great idea…

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