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Wolfberry has teamed up with NDX member and producer Bill Marten for one of the most stand out pop anthems of recent times.

‘Let’s Make Fire’ is the first track from Wolfberry I have reviewed, and I have to say, I am clinging to it like a fisherman’s hook. Furthermore, it brings a new style to the contemporary space with a cinematic direction which instantly reminds me of James Bond. Is this intentional? It appears so, given that Wolfberry has been dropping a load of James Bond-style covers on her YouTube account.

Musically, ‘Let’s Make Fire’ pushes forward with vigour. The power is evident, and Wolfberry delivers one of the most energetic pop performances I have come across in the last few months. She sings with utmost honesty, and her integrity pays off with the result being a treasure.

The structure of this piece is unusual for a pop release but yet standard for a soundtrack. So much so, I feel this should be part of a film as opposed to just a single release. Also, I am surprised the Bond music supervisors have not snapped this one up yet. Mind you; maybe Wolfberry should have waited a few more years until the next Bond film because Billie Eilish got in on the upcoming release super early.

Overall, ‘Let’s Make Fire’ allows Wolfberry to shine like a beaming light. It gives her the breathing space to get her quality across, and her natural approach to singing is inspirational. However, maybe it could have dialled down a little on the Bond theme, it kind of takes over the track and it would quickly prop itself up fully without such a massive hint.

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